On The Bloody Morning After (Fate Testarossa)

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On The Bloody Morning After (Fate Testarossa)
Date of Cutscene: 05 November 2017
Location: Fate's Apartment
Synopsis: Fate quietly ruminates over the last Jewel Seed and the source of its wish...
Cast of Characters: Fate T. Waldia, Jin Meiyou

Fate rolled over in her bed. The well appointed penthouse apartment was spacious and sprawling. But that only made it normally feel empty and lonely- even with Arf so close by, tangled up in even more sheets on the other end of the bed in her miniature form.

Fate was still sore. She had pushed herself a little too hard when she should have been focusing on rest. But activating Jewel Seeds usually never give that opportunity, do they?

Normally, Fate has to scramble to collect them, even after sealing, lest that other girl or another interfering mage captures the Lost Logia. The last one though, had been unquestionably given to her. Yes, it had been Rashmi Terios, in the end, who had let her have it, but it was not the mage's Jewel Seed to give.

Jin Meiyou wanted her to have it.

The memory of that young man stung like a fresh scar. All he wanted was someone to help to the fullest of his ability, for nothing in return. It had been shocking to her, at first, but the quiet, gentle, caring side of Fate Testarossa- the side she rarely ever showed, couldn't say no to him. The thoughts and memories turned over in her head.

Osiemnastka, the eighteenth Jewel Seed hiding in the form of a Device had called Jin a hollow vessel. A blade with no honor.

The Lost Logia couldn't be farther from the truth as Fate rolled again, tared scarlet eyes falling on the battered, well-loved tin soldier set standing on the nightstand. Gingerly, almost timidly, she reached out for it.

In a way, she and Jin were similar. Wanting to give their all for one person who needed it. Part of her felt she was undeserving. That she had no right to the unflinching and selfless sense of love and duty that had been shown to her, when she faltered on her own path... With how many times she had thought to herself 'I am a bad daughter'.

But Jin never judged her. Just like now, how he still doesn't judge her, as she reached out, fingers brushing along the paint-stripped, tarnished metal. Osiemnastka could not have been more wrong. There had been no hollow vessel. There was resolve. Courage. Honor and duty. All the things Fate aspired to. She touched the tin figurine that still watched over her even now. It had been such for a brief time... And perhaps she needed it more than she would ever admit.

The tin soldier was still warm to the touch.