One True Pair (Madoka and Homura Akemi)

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One True Pair (Madoka and Homura Akemi)
Date of Cutscene: 25 January 2019
Location: King Penguin Park
Synopsis: The date of Homura and Madoka's wedding has finally arrived! A ceremony is held where their romantic relationship first kindled.
Cast of Characters: Homura Akemi, Madoka Kaname

    A tiny snowflake fell from the sky, dancing and spinning as it descended to join with the soft white below. So falling, it joins with the snow, becoming one mass.

    "When I felt small you showed me what it meant to be powerful. You showed me what difference could be made with the strength of your convictions."

    The air is crisp and clean in King Penguin Park, the ground coated with white snow that gives the lakeside a purity to match the two that have come together to unite their lives into one. Chairs have been set up for the guests with bouquets of pink and purple flowers along each row, petals spread haphazardly over the snowy ground in the aisle between them, the procession having already passed. Along the bank of the frozen lake is a tall white arch, beneath which stand two young women and the officiator.

    "I was alone and you comforted me. I was weak and you protected me. I was flawed and you accepted me. Whatever I needed, you've always had, and you gave freely."

    It's a small gathering of people. Only close friends and family were invited or told. There's the immediate families, with Suoh Akemi looking on with a self-satisfied grin while his wife Chisato covers her face. She's sobbing, but this is a happy occasion, and her smile is not completely hidden by her hands. Tomohisa Kaname is smiling happily, while Junko Kaname is sitting with her arms and legs crossed looking on in pride. Tomohisa sits between him, curious eyes wide open and mouth agape. Other relatives of both the Akemis and the Kanames are gathered here as well, sitting and watching.

    A few members of the magical community were invited, passed off as 'Homura and Madoka's friends from school'. Despite the usual misadventures that come from such company, in this moment most everyone is respectfully quiet. Kyubey is also here, having been formally invited on the condition that he wear an appropriately sized tuxedo.

    "There is such depth to you and I learn more every day. You are confident and strong, dismissive and defiant of those who tell you what you can't do. But you're also tender, gentle and sweet in ways others might never know."

    Homura's wedding outfit both is and is not traditional. A white tuxedo perfectly fits a wedding, but it is not usually worn by the bride. Then again, they are both brides, aren't they?

    Homura's long black silky hair is held back by a white hairband. Eyes once oft contorted in pain are now pleasantly content as they reflect the image of her one true love. The jacket, bowtie, vest, undershirt, buttons, and pants are all the same color of white, contrasting her naturally darker hair and eyes. The ornate white wedding arch, covered in an artful array of pink and purple flowers, stands over them while Homura gives her beloved a smile so quietly serene.

    "To the surprise of no one, you are my everything, and you know exactly how far I would go for you. I long to hold you, to kiss you, to be with you today, tomorrow, forever."

    Madoka is there in a soft pink strapless dress, two lines of small bows over her bust and with a wrap of cloth tight about of waist, a large bow at the small of her back and a smaller one beneath in front. Her skirt is long and flowing, unpleated but somewhat ruffled from extraneous material. It sets itself apart from the pure white of the snow while standing out against her light tan skin tone, elegant and beautiful while at the same time being very Doka. Her hair is worn up with a very large flowery corsage of the same color, contrasting against the vibrancy of her pink hair which flows out behind it, fluffy and flowing.

    The most beautiful thing about her look is, of course, Madoka herself. On this, the happiest possible of days, brides are often said to glow, and Madoka is no exception. There's an undeniable excitement about her, her eyes bright and sparkling and her lips unable to even out past an eager but content smile, her face and skin lit up and glowing continually as if her bride to be had just walked into the room.

    "No one else can care for me like you. No one can hold me or kiss me like you. No one can protect me like you. No one can love me like you. I didn't even understand what love was before you. You've shown me so much and helped me grow. It's because of you that I'm the person I am today. I can't imagine a life without you, and wouldn't even want to try. I want to spend my entire life showing you how much you mean to me and how much I love everything about you. I want to be yours and to be with you, Homura Akemi, forever and always, loving you without end."

    "This is a day I've longed for, the purist acknowledgement of our love and our bond. This is not a choice that I make lightly. I offer you, Madoka Kaname, my undying love and unshakable devotion. I promise you today: The flame of my love will never die."

    Time seems to stand still. Homura's not in henshin, but the magic of the moment is undeniable. Unbidden, Homura cups the side of Madoka's cheek as the two of them look deeply into each other's eyes. Homura's lip trembles. She's waiting, patiently, for what she's wanted so badly. This is it. This is the moment. This was everything she ever wanted and never thought that she could have.

    Madoka gazes into Homura's eyes with a contentment for the present and an excitement for the future. She's finally here where she wants to be, able to show and prove to the world what they've known together for so long now: that they belong together, are entirely devoted to one another, and will never again suffer the absurdity of being apart. Her love, her bride, her everything is here before her and with her and everybody knows it and right now there's nothing else in the world that matters.

    "You may kiss the bride." Speaks the officiator. They move closer, lips pressing together. Their arms slowly find their way around each other, and they hold each other close as if they are embracing a love that will last a lifetime.