Ongoing Projects (Takashi, Yuu, Yukari)

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Ongoing Projects (Takashi, Yuu, Yukari)
Date of Cutscene: 23 July 2016
Location: Sunset Tower Basement Labs
Synopsis: Takashi comes to drop off something, and a little conversation between himself and Yuu and Yukari ensues.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera
Tinyplot: Cut The Cord

Takashi pushes the door the to the monitoring room open with one hand, the other hand grasped around a small object. Dark and gloomy though it may be, this place isn't suffused with negative energy. But what it is doing is monitoring the production and storage of an awful lot of the stuff - and Takashi's eyes flip to a screen showing energy readouts.

"It looks steady and stable. Dunno why we're trying to overclock a functioning process." Takashi says, and a chair turns around, revealing its occupant - a man in his early 30s with messy, orange-red hair and wearing a cream colored suit over a blue dress shirt and white tie.

"The Director has been looking for the Embryo for years, any delay right now makes him uncomfortable, which makes us all uncomfortable. Did you get that crystal?" Yuu Nikaidou folds his arms and leans back lazily in the chair.

"Not exactly. Turned out to be a real trouble to track even with my setup. But..." he reveals his other hand, a small black gem in the upturned palm. "When you can't get the real thing a lab-grown crystal will usually suffice." Takashi says with a smile. Yu rolls over in the chair and takes it.

"Well, that'll do." Comes a voice from behind Takashi. It's a tall woman with dark crimson hair, glasses, and a sly look, the bright yellow of her suitcoat still a little noticiable even in the darkness. "But I don't think it helps. We still need that program that Tsukomo failed to steal. All that ruckus and he didn't get away with anything, and now the place is more defended than over." she says. "Such a foolish man."

"Oh no, he did exactly what I expected him to do." Nikaiduou says, the way he leans back in his chair shifting his face out of the light, and only leaving the jagged smirk of his teeth visible. "He showed up, made a ruckus, and got the company scared. Sure, they've beefed up physical security. But the amount of damage he did made it look more destructive than anything, so with the livelihoods of the workers at stake, they did something they hadn't done before - they backed it up offsite. Tsukomo's failure is expected and part of the plan. Now I have the program, and nobody's the wiser."

"Clever." Yukari says. "So with the gem Agera-san made, are we ready to move to the next phase?" she asks. "Do you really think this will work? Do you think it's safe to store all that energy in one spot?" she says, putting a hand on the glass that looks inside at a complex apparatus of tubes and wires, leading up from the ground floor where four purple cylinders roughly the size of a small car glow, and up, winding around a central column until they lead into a giant oval container at the top.

"Everything we do is dangerous." Takashi notes. "Hazard of the work. But I think it's probably less dangerous than relying on two mentally unstable teenagers to yank heart's eggs out looking for the right one."

Nikaidou leans up. "That might well still be safer than relying on information from the white rat."

Sanjou shrugs. "That thing has its own agenda and we have ours. We're just able to pursue it in a mutually helpful way. Doesn't mean we trust or rely on the thing. It gives me the creeps, really." she says.

"Hey, I think it's cute it a sort of failed-science-experiment way." Takashi says with a smile. "Anyways, I brought you the thing, so I'm going to go enjoy my Saturday." he says, turning to walk away.

"Yeah, I was just coming in to make sure you weren't slacking off, Yuu." Sanjou says.

"Aww, you didn't come down here to switch off with me? There's not a pokestop in range, I'm gonna lose my whole Saturday to these monitor screens and fall behind." Yu says.

Sanjou holds up her phone, grinning. "Meanwhile I'm going to go to Penguin park. Enjoy your saturday, Yuu." she says, walking out.

Takashi turns back to Yuu. "The hell's a pokestop?" Yuu pulls out his phone and begins explaining, as Sanjou leaves, and the dull hum of Eclipse's strange machinery begins to thrum in the background.