Orders From Higher Up (Lacrima)

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Orders From Higher Up (Lacrima)
Date of Cutscene: 24 October 2018
Location: Sunset Tower
Synopsis: Lacrima has a meeting with others higher up on the Eclipse food chain. She wonders if this is how Takashi feels in these now...
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

Lacrima found herself in a dark Eclipse conference room in Sunset Tower alone. She′d been summoned and had been trying to attempt to ′house train′ Mister Squiggles. Again. Thusly, the little blob with the big eyeball sat in her lap as she turned on the weird magical holopanel in the middle of the table.

Lacrima was honestly, a little nervous. She′d never been to such a ′meeting′ before. There we′re three other shadowy-profiled figures in dim light on the other end that appeared on the holopanel. She wondered if she appeared like that to the others on the other end. Maybe, maybe not.

“Hello. I′m here.” Lacrima started off. “May I ask what this meeting is about?” she asks. “I′m merely Vice-Director. If this is about an UMBRA situation, Riven---”

“This is a matter specific to you.” said one of the figures bluntly as the other raised a pad. It's light didn't light up anything-- yeah. Magical obfuscation in the meeting- she thought in the back of her head as she listened. “We understand that there's been a transfer of a project to you?”

“Oh, I see you got the Doctor's paper work, yes.” she says. One of the others spoke up on the other end.

“And your intention is to release it?” Lacrima took notice of that word. ′It′. It made her idly stop stroking the little delightful blob creature in her lap. Lest she dig her hand into Mister Squiggles by accident in her internal disgust.

“Yes.” she says. “′′She′′ doesn't wish to do what she is doing anymore. It is highly inefficient to keep someone around that doesn't wish to fight or work anymore.” she says. “Internal conflict causes issues.” it was a very logical statement.

“Nightbell is just a ′′program′′.” stated one of the figures. “She can be ′′reprogrammed′′. Most certainly.” said the middle figure. “Detain and contain her, so we can do that. This should solve your problem. Yes?”

Lacrima twitched a whole lot. “W-well. Yes ′′but′′----”

“Then we're in agreement. Excellent.” said the figure on the right, as the other two seemed to nod in agreement. “So you have your orders. Capture, Detain and prepare the program for reprogramming.”

Lacrima took a deep breath, and went back to stroking the adorable dark creature in her lap. This time more for comfort. “Yes. Very well.” she said rather coldly.

There was a simple nod from all three figures as the meeting ended. Lacrima sat there in the now dark meeting room as she shut off the holopanel.

“Well…. that's not good...” she said miserably