Paint challenge accepted (Naru Osaka)

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Paint challenge accepted (Naru Osaka)
Date of Cutscene: 27 August 2016
Location: Naru's apartment
Synopsis: Naru has painting to do, and the lack of orange isn't about to stop her.
Cast of Characters: Naru Osaka

The palette full of paint sits on the table, defiantly.

Blue. Green. Yellow. Grey. Red. Purple.

Naru scrapes a section clean again, and dips her palette knife just into the edge of red and yellow, dragging them together to mix on the board, just as she’s been doing for the last half hour. Swirls of red and yellow paint slowly intertwine as she watches, the warmth and depth of the colours fading out exactly as they shouldn’t do, into grey as they mix.

A sharp prod of her knife, a rising flare of irritation at the paint not bending to her will, no matter the state of colour in the world, no matter the unreality of the situation.

It’s not the orange it should be, faded as if mixed with grey, but it’s the best Naru’s gotten so far today.

Later, a small bundle of paintings leans against the coffee table in the frat house with a note pinned to the covering. ‘Critiques welcome’. More to the abstract than not, with rich colours and a certain glow of optimism to them.

Especially the streaks of orange.