Patience (Madison Perry)

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Patience (Madison Perry)
Date of Cutscene: 06 July 2016
Location: TSAB Remnant Prison
Synopsis: Madison Perry is waiting.
Cast of Characters: Madison Perry
Tinyplot: Dreams of the White Flower

The guard at the ramshackle facility looked in at the prisoner, huddled in the dark cell. It wasn’t really much of a cell. Then again, this really wasn’t much of a prison. Just some old warehouse that the higher-ups had managed to acquire and turn into a holding pen for… dangerous elements.

It was hard, being part of the TSAB Remnant here on Earth. The survivors of the Subspace Incident that had seen the Asura destroyed had banded together as best they could, trying to hold onto rank and duty, but with much of their command structure fractured and most of the TSABs resources beyond their reach, it was an exercise in jury-rigging and patchwork.

There was no end in sight, either- no success had been garnered in any attempts to find a way to leave this planet, or even to contact the wider galaxy. Still, the guard reflected, it’s not like they could just give up on their jobs. This warehouse, ramshackle as it was, held dangerous people where they could do no harm to the locals. That was important- prisoners like the one at whom he peered through the bars of the small window into the locked room were too malicious to let run free, too unstable to try and put to work.

These prisoners had powers beyond what most of the locals could comprehend, access to technologies and magics they couldn’t understand. These prisoners were the TSAB’s problem, and it was their responsibility to keep them under control.

He glanced at the nameplate next to the locked door. This one, though she looked like a pretty girl barely into her twenties, had a record a mile long. Theft, piracy, assault. Murder. Totally unrepentant, completely untrustworthy. She’d been on the way to one of the most secure facilities on Mid-Childa when the Incident had stranded them all here.

But she wouldn’t be any trouble now. What had happened last fall had broken her spirit. Since then she had been listless, not talking, barely eating, only moving from the dark corner of her cell when prodded to do so by a guard. Whatever fire had driven her had gone out. Though she would stay safely locked in this cell for the rest of her life, there was no reason to fear her anymore.

As he turned to walk away, the guard reflected that there was almost something pitiable in seeing such a fierce, wild creature brought so low. A little bit of the galaxy’s wildness chained.

If he could have seen the look that Madison Perry turned upon the door as he left, the smug, undaunted malice in her glittering blue eyes as she sat slumped against the wall, he would have had very different thoughts indeed.

The girl in this cell was not broken. She was merely waiting.