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People and Places.

Here are some important people and places on MahouMUSH, that your character may know about, or heard of. This list is always being added to, and if you have someone to add, merely add them in! Please keep in mind the formatting of this wiki page however.

An asterisk (‘*’) next to the name of a person means they are un-appable for some reason or another.


Celebrities and Important People:

  • Trinity: A popular idol group composed of three members, Miyuki, Reika and Nana. Known for their impeccable choreography. (Source: Fresh! Pretty Cure.)
  • Sailor V: A enigmatic hero of Tokyo who is known for stopping criminals and being a vigilante. Her popularity has spawned countless merchandise and video games on the subject. She makes the local news constantly. The V is short for Venus. (Source: Sailor Moon)
  • Utau Hoshina: An idol singer whose contract is owned by the Easter Corporation. Popular with girls in the Elementary Grades and Early Middle School Grades. (Source: Shugo Chara!)
  • Professor Souichi Tomoe: CEO and Head Scientist of Infinity Laboratories Incorporated. Kind of notoriously known for a lab accident that blew up his old laboratory, taking the nearby and then currently empty school of Mitakihara Middle School with it. The company has since rebounded and rebuilt -- rebuilding the school as part of Infinity University as a sign of good faith, with himself as Headmaster. (Source: Sailor Moon)
  • Professor Breakstone*: A scientist who broke a lot of scientific barriers that allowed for many modern technologies in the world many many years ago. The few magical researchers that exist all seem to agree that he might have been aware of the true nature of the world, but it’s never been quite proven. (Source: Futari Wa Pretty Cure.)
  • DARTS!: A three member, color coded (red, blue green) boy-band, carefully groomed by Easter to appeal to the ‘correct target demographic’ -- rather popular among the elementary and middle school girls in particular. (Source: Shugo Chara!)
  • Nobuko Saeki: A very popular TV Fortune Teller and mystic. She writes columns for the Housewives' Knowledge magazine and is known for being more spot-on with her predictions than most. (Source: Shugo Chara!)
  • Kinzo Kagari: A famous theater actor that also stars in some TV shows. He's generally known for his handsome looks and debonair air and tends to star in period pieces more often than not, though handles the role of the 'modern villain' in media well-- playing characters 'people love to hate'. He's in Tokyo for small spats at a time, is more often than not, out of the country on tour or filming. (Source: Guardian Princess Runealy.)

Teachers and Faculty:

Verone Academy:

  • Kyouto Kometsuki: The Vice-Headmaster of Verone Academy. The Headmaster is an inept man and Kyouto is known for pulling the slack to the point many respect him more than the actual Headmaster. (Source: Futari Wa Pretty Cure.)
  • Yoshimi Takenouchi: One of the many brilliant teachers at Verone Academy, teaching the Middle School Grade levels. Known for having a ‘thing’ for new student teacher, Kazma Yuuichi. (Source: Futari Wa Pretty Cure.)
  • Kamaza Yuuichi: A student teacher at Verone Academy teaching the Elementary Grade. He’s also secretly the alter-ego of ‘Pisard’, an agent of The Obsidian Pact. (Source: Futari Wa Pretty Cure.)

Seishou Public Schoool:

  • Mrs. Otaka: The Headmistress of Seishou Public School. She is retiring soon and is training her replacement, the new and fresh faced rookie Vice-Headmaster ‘Koji Kokoda’ to replace her soon. (Source: Yes! Pretty Cure 5.)
  • Koji Kokoda: The Vice-Headmaster of Seishou Public School, who is new to the job, and learning from Mrs. Otaka. He’s secretly the fairy mascot ‘Coco’, who uses his guise to keep an eye on his friends. (Source: Yes! Pretty Cure 5.)

Seiyou Public School:

  • Tsukasa Amakawa: The dashing, over the top Headmaster of Seiyou Public School, known for his eloquent speaking and quick wit, as well as his eccentricity. He treats all his students well and with care and makes the time for them if it is requested of him. (Source: Shugo Chara!)
  • Yuu Nikaidou: An Elementary Grade Teacher at Seiyou Public School. He has a penchant for Technology. He secretly works for the Easter Corporation. (Source: Shugo Chara!)

Infinity University:

  • Kazuko Saotome: A teacher of Middle School in the Mitakihara building of Infinity University. Known for going on rants about her love life at the start of her lessons for the day. (Source: Puella Magi Madoka Magica)


  • Mitakihara District: Mitakihara is also known as Downtown, it’s a busy district, filled with tall skyscrapers and multi-story offices and malls. Infinity University is located in the heart of downtown. It’s known for it’s swinging nightlife in the Neon District. (Source: Puella Magi Madoka Magica.)

  • Pikarigaoka District: Pikarigaoka is a suburban area, with small houses and open grassy sprawl and the occasional small shop though it is mostly residences. It’s wide open layout was the perfect spot for the Clover Tower. (Source: Happiness Charge! Pretty Cure.)

  • Uminari City District: The Uminari City district is a mixed area of offices, shops and apartment residences. It sits on Tokyo Bay, and is the place many tourists visit when they come to Tokyo. It’s known for it’s Theme Park, and Shopping District. (Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)

  • Clover Tower: A large TV studio that also serves as Tokyo’s Main Broadcasting Center, it’s based in Pikarigaoka where the open landscape allows for an easier, longer range broadcast signal. (Source: Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.)

  • Fairy Drop Fashionables: A two story fashion shop primarily dealing with girls and women clothing- and to a lesser degree, male formal wear. It’s owned by the Kurumi Family. (Source: Heartcatch! Pretty Cure.)

  • Natt’s House Jewelry and Accessories: An accessory shop run by a boy merely known as ‘Natts’. All the Jewelry and Accessories in the shop are handmade with love and care. It is located in Pikarigaoka (Source: Yes! Pretty Cure 5.)

  • Roaring Bayside Theme Park: A Theme Park in Uminari City that sits directly on the Bay. It’s known for it’s roller coaster that skims you over the Ocean Water, as well as it’s Panda Themed Kiddy Rides. (Source: MahouMUSH)

  • OSA-P Jewelers: A major jewelry store in Uminari City’s Shopping Strip. Known for the monthly sale the owner runs, usually themed around a particular jewelry style. (Source: Sailor Moon)

  • Game Center Crown: The place where most students in Uminari City congregate after school to spend their hard earned allowance into the crane games and arcade machines. Known for it’s many Dance Dance Revolution Machines and giant Sailor V Arcade Game sit down cabinets. Owned by the Furuhata family. (Source: Sailor Moon)

  • Frozen Beach Ice Cream: An Ice Cream Parlor known for it’s ‘Beach Theme’ painted along the walls. It’s located in downtown Mitakihara (Source: Sailor Moon)

  • Hikawa Shrine: An old, traditional japanese shrine that’s known to bring tourists as it sits just outside the Uminari City district in Pikarigaoka. (Source: Sailor Moon)

  • Midori-ya Cafe: A Cafe resting on the busy route into Mitakihara from Uminari City. A place many people stop on their way into work for their morning coffee and pastry. (Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.)

  • Japanese Confectionery Komachi: A sweets shop in Pikarigaoka that deals in classic and new Japanese confections and candy. (Source: Heartcatch! Pretty Cure.)

  • Tako Cafe: A food truck that can be seen around Uminari City, but typically parks itself near the entrance to Roaring Bayside Theme Park, where the owner, Akane Fujita, has worked an exclusive deal to be allowed to serve food just outside the park. (Source: Futari Wa Pretty Cure.)

  • Hanasaki Flowers: A flower shop run by the Hanasaki Family for many generations in Pikarigaoka. Known for the many beautiful bouquets they turn out daily. (Source: Heartcatch! Pretty Cure.)

  • Easter Stadium: A Baseball Stadium that also doubles as an Event Center on the border of the Uminari City and Mitakihara districts. (Source: Shugo Chara! For Inspiration, MahouMUSH)

  • Twin Bells: A Toy Shop, Popular for it’s large selection of Trading Cards and Stuffed Animals, in Downtown Mitakihara. (Source]]: Card Captor Sakura)

  • Penguin Park: A Large Public City Park known for its penguin themed play equipment, zoo and public library. It rests in the sprawl between Pikarigaoka and Mitakihara. (Source: Card Captor Sakura)

  • Karaoke Crown: A Karaoke Parlor in the Downtown Neon District of Mitakihara. Owned by the Furuhata family, the same family that owns the Game Center Crown. (Source: Sailor Moon)

  • Easter Corp. Skyscraper: Even amongst the many towering edifices of Mitakihara’s business district, one massive structure leaves others in its shadow - the towering skyscraper from which Easter Corporation runs its multimedia organization. Security around the building is notoriously tight. (Source: Shugo Chara!)