Powerless (Madoka)

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Powerless (Madoka)
Date of Cutscene: 20 December 2015
Location: Kaname Residence - Madoka's Room
Synopsis: Madoka's dreams are filled with strange visions and a horrifying glimpse of what things could be like in a world where hope is meaningless.
Cast of Characters: Madoka Kaname

Madoka climbs into bed dressed in her yellow pajamas. The light in her room is off. Her eyes slowly blink closed as she rests.

Thoughts fill her mind as she prepares to sleep, as they often do. Lately they've been troubling, just like her dreams. Of friends in trouble, friends grieving, and friends never to be seen again.

After a half an hour of this her mind starts getting as tired as her eyes feel and she reaches behind herself, hauling a person sized stuffed shark out from behind her back and in front of her so she can hug onto it as she sleeps. She nuzzles it's nose with her cheek. "Goodnight, Matilda," she whispers softly. Her eyes open just wide enough to peek at the uniformed teddy bear sitting on her night stand, ready to watch over her as she sleeps. "Goodnight, Teddyashi."

She makes a little yawn, lazily reaching her arms up so she can brush her fingers through her loose hair before letting them collapse loosely around her newest stuffed animal.


At first the dreams are formless. Confusing and pointless, but with an unease and restlessness to them. Of moving through endless hallways that wind in circles, not unlike the labyrinth of a Witch. After what feels like ages she seems to reach the end and opens a door easily, disturbingly so, to find herself on Infinity's rooftop.

For a brief moment she's elated, ready to share her lunch with Mamoru. A feeling of dread. He's not in the roof, she can't find him. Her phone vibrates and she picks it up. There's a text message on it, and though she can't make out the words she know what it says.

Mamoru Chiba TXT: Can't make it sorry

Mamoru Chiba TXT: Dead

Before any kind of realization or understanding hits her the scene shifts. A long stream like a river polluted with oil winds along a barren landscape. Madoka's eyes seem to follow it from the horizon until it comes to meet her, and as she looks closer she realizes it's not a river at all, but a conveyer belt like one would find in a factory. Riding atop it are all the pieces to make a Magical Girl.

They're just swirls of color right now, but somehow Madoka knows these will become the heroes that protect the city; protect the world. She jumps back startled as she looks past herself in the other direction, a line of crushers, mashers, grinders, extruders, and moulds creating the factory that puts the magical girls together, piece by gruesome piece. Sitting on the edge of the conveyer is a small white creature with beady red eyes and two sets of ears.

"Are you ready, Madoka Kaname? Have you decided what you will ask for when you contract with me? Do you know what you will fight for when you become a Magical Girl?"

Almost as one all the jewels, weapons, pieces of bodies, not yet human, squirm and writhe, screaming out without words. As before she instinctively knows what they're saying. 'No!' 'Don't!' 'You mustn't!' 'Liar!'

An arm with a round shield upon it reaches out for her, disembodied and not yet complete, only to disappear as two large pieces of machinery slam together around it. 'Kaname-saaaaaaaaaaan!'

But the worst is still to come.

A battlefield on a shattered plateau. Several of Madoka's friends stand around her while others are up in the sky.

Kyouko and Mami are surrounded by near blinding energy of red and yellow as they work together, their aura's magnificent auras blotted out by a sea of darkness.

Inside the gloom of black is a man who appears twenty feet tall by comparison, with arms and legs as thick as tree trunks, muscles upon muscles. Where his face should be are three gashes of glowing red to make cruel eyes and a cackling mouth: Riventon.

Kyouko lets out a guttural scream as she shoots across the sky, stabbing hundreds of times with her spear but unable to find purchase. Mami's guns blaze around her in an unrelenting barrage. The bullets detonate and fill the air with smoke.

"They did it! Nothing could have survived that!" Madoka hears Sayaka say beside her. Up in the air Kyouko and Mami are tense, gasping for breath.

Homura adjusts her glasses, (wait, when has Homura ever worn glasses?), "I estimate an Eighty-Five percent probability that Riventon was harmed by that attack." Her voice is cold. Emotionless. But not in the right way. It sounds... calculated. "However..."

The smoke clears. Up in the sky Riventon remains, covered in blood. And laughing. "Useless!" An enormous beam of black energy crashes through the sky, and in an instant Kyouko and Mami are gone.

"Only a two percent chance he was destroyed by it," Homura cooly finishes, the lenses of her glasses suddenly obscured by light.

"Then I... don't have a choice." It's Madoka talking this time. She doesn't speak it so much as hear her own voice say the words.

Homura and Sayaka both immediately shoot her looks, the blue haired girl glaring while the dark haired girl merely looks at her out of the corner of her eye, "You're not fit for combat, Kaname-san. You know that; you're weak."

"Don't be stupid!" Sayaka pipes up, "You've always been too soft!"

"But... but if I can just make him see it doesn't have to be this wa-," she starts, only for Sayaka to step up and slap her across the face.

"That's not the way the world works and you know it." Without another word an aura of blue flares around her and she streaks off into the sky, moments later embattled with Riventon.

Homura sighs, "She didn't even wait to hear my strategy." A flare purple and soon she's up in the air too, fighting what Madoka knows are impossible odds.

A minute later a streak of blue crashes down from the sky, crashing into and destroying a mountain from the force of the impact. Not long after a second, purple streak follows it. Riventon cackles wildly up in the air, raving about how the world is now his.

Madoka steps forward. She cannot fly, not like her friends. That isn't the kind of power she has. "No!" she cries up at the very visage of terror and fear that haunts her in darkness. "It isn't over yet. ...I'll stop you!"

The laughing only intensifies. There is no respect for her- she's regarded as a joke and she knows it.

A hand is on Madoka's shoulder, suddenly. She looks back over her shoulder and sees a ghostly visage- her mother.

"Are you ready to use the technique passed down through the generations?" Junko Kaname's ghost asks her daughter.

"I've never even practiced it... but I have to try!" Madoka replies.

"Together then."

Madoka holds her hands to her sides and does a pirouette in place before extending them out in front of herself. In unison mother and daughter cry out, "KANAMEHAMEHA!"

A brilliant beam of pink flare up from her hands, from her soul, from her heart, and streaks into the growing blackness that surrounds Riventon. For the first time he regards her as a threat. It's too late to avoid it, not having taken her seriously, and he's hit full on by the power of Madoka's family technique.

"If only... I can reach him!" she whispers to herself, struggling while putting her entire being into the attack. Contained with in it is all her understanding, sympathy, and forgiveness.

Just as it seems to be taking effect, Riventon holds out an arm and projects a beam of blackness of his own. "Fool," he cries, "This world is ruled by power, strength, and passion! Your kindness means nothing to me!"

The beam of darkness struggles with her hopeful pink energy- and then in a flash overwhelms it, streaks down from the heavens and obliterates it at it's source, erasing it and Madoka from the world entirely.


Light shines through the Madoka's window. She sits up slowly only to find her muscles ache. When she looks down she finds she's held Matilda in a crushing hug for what was probably hours. Her still tired eyes look around her room, everything where she left it. The world is still here, and she's still alive.

"A dream..?" she mutters to herself, only to roll over and collapse tiredly back onto her pillow.

Thank goodness it isn't a school day.

That was the scariest nightmare she's ever had.