Princess Lessons, Start! (Haruka Haruno)

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Princess Lessons, Start! (Haruka Haruno)
Date of Cutscene: 05 September 2016
Location: Verone Academy Dorms
Synopsis: Haruka meets Siamour. Haruka ruins tea. Repeatedly. Until she gets it right.
Cast of Characters: Haruka Haruno

Haruka is curious when the Royal Faeries pull something else out of the box holding the two, unused Princess Perfumes. The Princess Perfumes Haruka has painstakingly wrapped in blue and yellow tissue paper with the opposite-color ribbons, the Perfumes that feel like a slap in the face every time she looks at them. After all, she’s supposed to have found the other two Princess Precure yet.

Still, today's focus is not the repeated gnawing of should have, it's... something else entirely. Something that looks like a fancy, pink-edged tablet, complete with a stylus. Aroma does something with it, and Haruka isn't quite sure what to expect.

A third fairy appearing in a flash of light, catlike and with a small wand (staff?) shaped like a cat's paw is way outside the realm of what she was expecting. The sharp-eyed gaze that the third, new fairy assesses her with is also unexpected. Haruka gets up from where she'd fallen off her chair in surprise and curtsies, somehow feeling like she doesn't measure up, even more than Aroma makes her feel that way. "Gokigen'you," Haruka greets.

"Good afternoon, my princess!" 'My princess' is said in English, with an enthusiasm that makes Haruka flush. "Have Aroma and Puff told you about the Princess Lessons?" Haruka shakes her head, and the cat-fairy gives Aroma a long look that speaks of longer conversations, later. "We will start with tea!" And with a wave of her wand, there are tea things, for a high, fancy tea. Haruka's eyes sparkle.

It's a couple hours later when Haruka finally has what the new fairy, Siamour, considers a proper tea.

Part of the blame for that length of time and the number of repeat tries lies with Siamour herself assuming a humanoid form, something Haruka didn't know any of the faeries could do. Part of it was just overeagerness on Haruka's part, and there was definitely something gratifying in seeing Siamour surprised when, after the first failure, Haruka had doubled down.

"Let's try again until I get it right," had been said many times that afternoon, until now.

Haruka smiles, a pawprint stamp sitting in the middle of her forehead, as Siamour sips the tea and smiles back.