Promises Promises (Sachiko Hayakawa)

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Promises Promises (Sachiko Hayakawa)
Date of Cutscene: 13 April 2016
Location: Kimura Estate, Sachiko's Bedroom
Synopsis: Someone comes to make Sachiko an offer she can't refuse.
Cast of Characters: Sachiko Hayakawa
Tinyplot: Promises Promises

"If your wish goes wrong, you'll lose hope again, and it will be you turning into the monster."

Sachiko awoke in a cold sweat. She hadn't meant to fall asleep on the balcony; she'd meant to sit there until she got too tired to stay awake, then crawl into bed. It's the only way she's been able to get much sleep, since Momo went back to her home.

And since Anshi died.

The little girl yawned tiredly and looked up at the sky. Dark and dreary clouds hung overhead, heavy with unspent rain.

Sachiko made a distinctly unhappy face at her situation, then turned to climb to her feet. She didn't know what time it was, but she was pretty sure tomorrow was still a school day. Passing through the double door back into her bedroom, the little girl let out a yelp as she tripped over her bear, discarded just inside the doorway.

A pair of hands caught her moments from disaster and set her back on her feet. "There, there, little one," said the soft, soothing voice in the darkness.

Sachiko let out a gasp of surprise and stared at the hands that caught her. Even in the darkness of her bedroom, she could see the long, sharp nails, gleaming with some inner starlight. His skin--although soft--was dark and ruddy of complexion. His wrists vanished into voluminous black sleeves adorned with silver runes and purple trim. The figure--taller than any Sachiko has ever met--was covered from neck to toes in that robe, which was soft crushed velvet and glowed with the same sense of inner starlight as his nails. His face was like burnished metal, and his eyes--oh those eyes which burned like the fires of passion, yet bore no pupil to see by.

Yet somehow, that tall and strange figure leaned down to address Sachiko, careful and doting a figure as it could be. "Are you alright?"

Sachiko thought she should scream, but something about the figure felt so inviting. So familiar. So she didn't scream, but rather merely stared for a few minutes.

"Well?" the voice asked. "Have I frightened you, too much?"

The second prompting earned a reply from little Sachiko, as she took a step back to see him better. "No, I'm not scared," she said. And it was the truth, although she wasn't sure why. "Are you gonna hurt me?"

"Of course not," the man replied, gentle even in indignation. He smiled, and as he smiled there were just a few too many teeth present, and all of them sharp. "If I'd wanted to hurt you, why would I have caught you? No, Little Miss Hayakawa, I am here to help you."

"Help me?" Sachiko asked, even more uncertain now than before.

"Yes, of course," the man replied. "You see, I've heard your wish. I know what you desire. And I can grant it."

This is a line Sachiko has heard before, and recently.

"I already have the Kyubey to grant my wish, if I want it," Sachiko pointed out. "But everyone says I shouldn't do it, and that it's a bad deal. They say I'll turn into a monster if I make a wish for what I want."

"Tut, tut," replies the figure. "Did I say anything about a deal? No, Little Miss Hayakawa, what I offer you comes with a very simple requirement. You wish your sister back. I wish to help you with this. I can teach you a ritual that will bring Anshi Hayakawa back from the dead. And all you must promise in return," says the figure, leaning forward with that toothy wicked smile, "is to do exactly as your dear sister says."