Protein bars (Naru Osaka)

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Protein bars (Naru Osaka)
Date of Cutscene: 26 June 2016
Location: A quiet bench
Synopsis: It's been another long sort of day for the mundanes of Tokyo.
Cast of Characters: Naru Osaka



The sounds of combat in the alley have died down, for better or worse. There’s no more yelling, no more accusations and anger being spat back and forth both in words and actions.

The street is coming to life again, those flattened by ambient dark energy shake off the weirdness, returning to their day. A little shake of the head, a few gentle assumptions about their lost minutes, why yet again, they were forgetful, or clumsy, or otherwise affected. Perfectly normal, just a little blip, no big deal. It’s normal for the people of Tokyo. The mundane people of Tokyo, who watch lightning without rain, and find themselves terribly tired for no good reason. These things happen periodically. Little moments of quirky, it’s just part of life, and dismissed as easily as a vague complaint about the power company, or a bit too much sun.

Naru sits on a bench. The effort of sitting up, and digging through her bag almost enough to make her want to lay back down again on that bench, but she doesn’t want the questions from those passing by. Her hands are shaky as she opens up the protein bar that she bought and shoved into her bag for just such an occasion. In theory, it should help. In theory, the immediate jolt of calories and carbs, protein and fat should help replace some of the energy that just got painfully stolen out of her. Again.

Fine. Fine enough at least.

Naru wrinkles her nose as she crumples up the wrapper from the protein bar, slowly getting to her feet. “There has got to be better tasting options than /that/. Blech.” It’s going to be another slow trek home, and falling asleep on the Metro. Hopefully she doesn’t miss her stop. Again.