Pure (Shinobu Kimura)

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Pure (Shinobu Kimura)
Date of Cutscene: 03 February 2016
Location: Tokyo
Synopsis: After the nightmare finally sets in, Shinobu is left trying to make sense of things. For her, this means doing what she does to clear her mind. Fighting.
Cast of Characters: Shinobu Kimura

Black and white magic flashes around the young woman as a display of weird cartoon images vanish from sight. A single bloody hand reaches down and takes hold of all that remains of such a foul creature. A grief seed. The hand drops the seed in the pocket of the blood stained white and viridian dress. Green-blue eyes look out across the area and her feet begin moving once more. Pain tears through her head as it has since the night before. Her vision is completely messed up as her mind sight and the physical flow together into chaos.

Onward she walks. The tinkling of a trio of grief seeds in her pocket can be heard about her. The girl's gaze is dead set ahead. A few people look at her in panic as she walks by. She is covered in dried red stuff from several fights this night. It's impossible to tell if they were from physical fights or witch fights. It doesn't really matter either way. The young woman just keeps moving.

A turn down an alley leads her to a small group of older guys who decide she would make for a good mugging target. With not a single word, She attacks. Every movement is solid. Her attacks are without reservation. Every strike is with the intent to injure. These aren't witches. These are people. Stupid, pathetic, people. They aren't worth her magic or time. As the last one falls, She pulls out her phone. "Injured People." She gives an address and hangs up.

On she goes. There is something pure about what she is doing. About her actions. She hasn't lost her mind. She's not gone insane. No. There is so much more to it then busting up a few thugs or a witch or two. Her mind and heart are storm tossed. She'd been lied to. She'd been forced to hurt a friend in the name of what is right. Right now, the only thing that mattered was finding peace within herself. That was her guiding star.

In a mindless state she pulls out what is left of one of her grief seeds. The black seed touches the inky black gem and the bright color returns to it. The seed is expired. She pockets it in a different pocket. Maybe it will give her the chance to take her frustrations on the white pain in the ass who should have told them all the truth long before it came to this.

Quietly she pulls out her phone again. She makes a call, this time to Hinote. As the voice mail rings out. Her words are most definitely few. "Meet Me, Dorm." The phone is hung up. Even in those few words her voice betrays her. She is hurting. Hurting nearly as much as what she caused her friend. Even now, she makes her way back to Infinity.