Puzzle Pieces (Takashi Agera)

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Puzzle Pieces (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 12 January 2016
Location: Takashi's Room, UMBRA HQ
Synopsis: Sometimes the finished puzzle is not what you wanted it to be.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera

Takashi Agera had come home from his time with Madoka Kaname doing a lot of heart-and-soul-and-mind searching. It didn't feel like he had done the wrong thing directly - rather, it felt like he had lost something. The feeling in his heart was sour, and he was on some level aware he was mourning the loss, more than regretting the decision.

It had really started when he'd picked out that puzzle. His lack of connection about the sort of things she might like to do, her capabilities, and the slowly dawning knowledge that there was a vast gulf of things he didn't know about her, or worse - that he knew but avoided consideration of or wrote off.

The talk about motivation really confirmed it. And she said as much herself - they came from two different worlds. There was a gulf between how they saw the world. And... more than that, there was a gulf between how he saw her, and the way he ought to see someone he considered his girlfriend. That started at the meeting, when he found spending time with her less interesting than going to work on the problems presented - but somehow managed to find the time to start an argument with Homura. He wasn't pressed for time; he was merely pressed for a choice, whether to stay with her or... not.

But doing the right thing didn't always come naturally to Takashi, especially when it meant the loss of some sort of comfort. The inability to call Madoka Kaname up and spend time with her, to enjoy that warmth and kindness wasn't an easy thing to give up. And to be sure, there was a part of him that chastised him for putting someone else in front of himself. It sounded suspiciously like his father. He, of course, could've continued to take solace in Madoka's kindness without ever planning anything more, or worse, while still looking for more. But there are some lines even a dark heart won't cross.

Takashi had resisted this outcome for some time. The little things Madoka had said or done that seemed more like warning signs in retrospect were easily tossed away, because this was much harder than just enjoying the moment. And he meant the things he said - he meant how special she was, even if she didn't seem to see it. He would never forget the gift of a dance with her, that she'd gone to so much trouble to do. But that didn't make any of it easier - in fact, his inability to find real fault with her actions made it harder.

Because it meant if there was fault to be found, it would be found within the face staring at him in the mirror. Whether or not blame needed to be assigned was the question he wrestled with, not whether to whom that finger should point.