Raccoons and Broomsticks (Scorn)

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Raccoons and Broomsticks (Scorn)
Date of Cutscene: 11 July 2015
Location: Virtue Safehouse
Synopsis: Scorn wakes up with a silly little raccoon to explain things to her, and what to do next.
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

"Hey, you're up!" said the small raccoon spirit, known as Procyon, as Haruna woke up blearily. This wasn't her bed. It was somewhere else. "Don't worry, you're in a safe place."

Haruna could only pause a moment. ".... Who are you? Are you... like Corvus?" asked the girl. Procyon answered as he could. "I'm Procyon, Master of Stripes and Guile! ---and also being super cute! -- kind of LIKE Corvus, in that- we're both kind of demigods trapped in stone boxes. Not like Corvus in that I'm happy just sending out my spectral form like this outta my stone box-- also, which by the way, you were extremely brave for confronting that jerk."

Haruna merely bit her lip. "I feel strange... like I'm in a daze." she then pauses. "---I'm... still rhyming?! What timing..." she said worriedly. Procyon sighed a bit. "Yeah. I'm sorry, that isn't going to go away anytime soon. It's part of the gig when you let Corvus into your heart too heavily. If you think about what you want to say and speak deliberately, you should be able to speak normally! I'm pretty sure that's how the original Priestess handled it. It's been a couple hundred years." the spirit said.

"So...I'm. a Priestess of some sort now?" she asks. "But...I don't understand." she said slowly. Procyon gave a sad frown. "Yeah. I'm really sorry about that. Corvus woke up first. If any of us did earlier, or at the same time- we would had said something-- or done something to stop it. You're The Priestess of Feathers and Deception." he paused. "I know that sounds really bad. Your power comes from the less nice feelings people experience. It's your job to mind the tablet...." as he motioned to the chain wrapped stone tablet bearing the ominous raven on it. "--and make sure Corvus stays in his box."

Haruna melted back into the bed..."Then what's the point!? I'll just... just hurt people again. "That's... all I'm good for anyways--- Soul Release... Soul Rend... Soul Bind------- I know what they do to people! It's horrible!"

Procyon crossed his tiny arms in front of him. "Okay, you're going to stop that right now. /Corvus/ was the jerk. He locked a lot of your more helpful powers away- and just gave you the ones that hurt people. Like-- the first Priestess was able to tell whenever somebody was lying- /even/ to themselves. Do you have any idea how many people she helped? A lot!"

Haruna looked down a little. "I can really help people like that?...." she asked. "is that a fact...?". Procyon nodded. "-- and more. But before that, there's something we need to do." he said. "You need to set things right." The girl pondered before it dawned on her quickly. "You mean... return everyone's souls. I can't... remember all their faces." she admits.

Procyon smiled. "Oh, no. No worries about that. I don't want you dwelling on that. Hold the tablet high and demand of your heart to return them. They'll find their own ways back. Souls are weird like that. -- but do that on the roof. Otherwise, you'll mess the room up too, and tall blonde and handsome there was happy to let you stay here. It'd be kind of a jerk move to mess it up." the spirit suggested. "I want you to do that when you feel rested. For now, I am off to go hide car keys from their owners for like an hour."

Haruna merely blinked. "Wait, what!?" she asked frantically as the raccoon-spirit popped out of existence.