Rainy Days (Roy and Biv)

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Rainy Days (Roy and Biv)
Date of Cutscene: 24 August 2016
Location: Akatsuki Household.
Synopsis: Roy and Biv have a talk about important things to the backdrop of the pitterpatter of raindrops.
Thanks to: MahouMUSH~
Cast of Characters: Roy, Biv
Tinyplot: Whispers of Gray

Roy sat in the windowsill of the Akatsuki household. The red cardinal was beside himself. Rain made streaks down the window- as he looked at the grey and dark night that was coming in overnight. It was a normal storm. Not a Griselda created one. He knew it was only a matter of time until she pushed the attack. They had to... make Reiko well again before then. Somehow.

"Don't you think it's time we told them the truth...?" asked Biv, the bluejay fluttering over and landing next to her bright red husband. "We can't keep everyone in the dark forever. Then we're no better than The Grey Kingdom." she insisted.

Roy picked up on the play on words as he peeked over to Biv. "I don't know." he said. "As it stands. We're going to need to go back home and take some of them with us to regenerate a new Prism. That's the easy the part...."

Biv nodded. "The hard part is waking up Reiko from the grey sleep and reconnecting it." she said quietly. "That shouldn't be hard! Her friends all care for her! Yellow and Pink will figure it out! They're smart, and stronger than they think! I also wonder if we can convince Tadase-kun to try to kiss her!.. you know. Prince waking up sleeping beauty? Or we can get Eilam-kun to try to fluster her until she has to respond!"

Roy just gave a slight upturn of his beak. "I'm sure that ends poorly for everyone if we call him prince.". He knew the bluejay beside him was joking. At least on that last two parts. "Regardless. Maybe.. you're right." he said quietly.

"Maybe it's time to stop keeping the truth to ourselves..." said Roy.