Ready to Rock. (Matsuo Junpei)

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Ready to Rock. (Matsuo Junpei)
Date of Cutscene: 30 May 2015
Location: Shu Residence
Synopsis: Junpei along with the rest of his band make final preparations for their big concert.
Cast of Characters: Junpei Matsuo
Tinyplot: My Little Rocker: Metal is Awesome!

The last of the fliers had been hung. The deliveries of t-shirts, hats, posters, CDs, and the all important USB sticks were arriving at Shu's home. The rest of the band as well as a few siblings were there to help do a final spot check on the shirts and hats while Junpei and Kyo helped image each thumb drive. It was chaotic and hectic, and everyone there loved it.

After all you have to love what you're doing and be a bit crazy to want to do this.

Junpei's father had successfully drummed into their collective heads the need to think about the business side of things, at least enough to make passable monthly reports on income and expenses. Junpei hated the whole accounting thing, but even as he slotted another batch of drives into the hub to receive their payload of music, wallpapers, interview videos, and a document stating the fans could remix, reuse, sample, and whatever with any of it so long as there's no money at stake. They were banking on good will to their fanbase getting them even more fans, and that enough would actively buy music and merchant to pay back all the money they were sinking in.

After all this stuff wasn't cheap, not to mention Kyo's new guitar where his brother destroyed the old one, tools and material to patch up their amps, entry fee for the event, rental fees for their storefront at the concert, and it just all added up to nightmarishly large numbers. Junpei shared everyone else's gratitude it wasn't a singular all or nothing prize. Even without merchant sales if they placed well in several events they could still break even.

It was closing in on the big day. They were all getting psyched. Their first big showing. They would impress the world with their music.