Real Talk (Haruna Kurosawa)

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Real Talk (Haruna Kurosawa)
Date of Cutscene: 26 August 2015
Location: Haruna's Infinity Dorm Room
Synopsis: Haruna and Corvus have a talk about their pasts, and a gameplan going forward.
Cast of Characters: Haruna Kurosawa

Haruna Kurosawa flopped into her bed upon returning from the Game Crown Arcade's tournament event. She placed the console and game she won on her desk. Corvus took up residence on the head of her bed, exactly where he was last night.

"Haruna?...." asked Corvus. Haruna peeked up. "Yeah?"

"What is Aki like....?"

Haruna closed her eyes. She'd only known Corvus like this for the past two days. It's not that she didn't trust him. It just... she never thought it'd have to be a thing she'd need to discuss with him. Heck, she thought she was going to be rhyming for the rest of her life while drawing some power from a bird in a tablet. Though. He deserved to know. Someday, they'd save her, together. Right? She lifted her PreChan Mirror and looked into it, before closing her eyes.

"Aki is my older sister. She was. Cool. Collected. A nice person. She tried to help everyone she could. She wasn't even... on the dance committee setting up in the school that night-- she was just helping a friend because she got sick and she couldn't go-- so she went in her place." she says quietly. "She was kind of my only friend. I was, really shy. I wanted to be like her. She could just. Talk to people, and she'd make a friend immediately. When I tried to talk to people. I stammered and stuttered into awkwardness." she pauses. "I still do." she says.

"When she die----" she pauses. "When she disappeared, I guess I became even worse then I was. I guess I just gave up...." she pauses. "But you already knew that I think...." she said a very wry smile. Corvus didn't particularly look proud and looked away from Haruna's face for a moment, he didn't have to say a word to convey that message. Haruna reached up and gave the silver raven a preen. "It's okay. I know you're sorry. We were both hurting in our own ways."

Haruna continued. "It.. doesn't really surprise me to find out she was a magical girl of some sort, Corvus." she said softly. "The more I thought about it since the other night, the more it made sense to me. She was always helping people. It feels like, if she could get a chance to keep people safe.... she'd had taken it. Like you know.. becoming a Pretty Cure." she hehs.

She put the henshin device down, she was tired of looking at her face. "Hannah says she's going to help me find Aki. I hope she can help. She wants me to help with her other thing, too I know she has going. Blue said he wasn't going to talk me out of it... and gave me a PreCard for a Suit. He said that if I was going to do something silly like that, that I might aswell look neat doing it while keeping in a dresscode." she smiled a little.

Corvus let all of it sink in. "I dunno. If it's a good idea for me to be around when you're around Hannah. I mean...." Haruna rose a finger to the bird's beak. "No. I'm not going to let her bully you... or bully me into, leaving you behind because she can't drop a grudge. That's final." she said sternly. "If I can forgive you. Everyone else can. If they can't accept that. Then I need to find better friends. Even if.. I don't have a lot of them yet." Haruna said plainly. "There's still not a lot I'm sure of, I guess, but I'm pretty sure on this one."

Corvus closed his eyes. "I'm... still really sorry. For all I did to you. All I could think about was. Hate... Anger... Revenge. I let those things twist me into something horrible. Something that I know she wouldn't want me to become. Someone who lied, cheated, and hurt people...."

Haruna paused a moment. "I don't know. If I'd call it lying." she said with a short smile. "In a way... you did grant my wish. My sister's alive. She's not here with me, but she's alive. If I didn't encounter you... there'd been no way i would had found out. I'd just be... mopey for the rest of my life." she says. "...and I kept my half of the deal, too, because now you're free, and a lot better off for it!"

Corvus opened his eyes. "I guess. You're right." he said with a short smile to his beak. "You remind me of her a lot. She was able to find the bright side of a lot of things..."

Haruna took another pause. Her? She? "You mean Hope. Don't you. Your first priestess, the one I saw the memories of." she says softly. "Corvus... what was she like? What happened to her?"

Corvus paused. "She was intelligent... kind.... beautiful. Even before the tablets... we needed a human to channel most of our more useful powers through. We, would give our priestesses new names. I named her Hope because that's how she felt to me. Hopeful... ready to help people. I helped her expose the truth to people, even if it was exposing a truth they were hiding from their own heart."

Haruna let this set in. "She sounds very nice. What happened?..." she asked softly, before pausing. "If you don't want to talk about it right now... that's okay. But I hope that, you will someday?" she asked softly.

Corvus shook his head. "No. If... if anyone deserves to know... you do." he said, taking a short breath into his feathery body.

"Hope... fell in love with the tribe leader's son. This was a problem... because the tribe leader's son was forbidden from taking a commoner for a bride, and Priestesses were to forbidden to fall in love." he took a short pause.

"W--when the tribe leader started suspecting.... He came to me, knowing I'd tell him the truth of what was going on." he paused. "I didn't want to... see Hope's happiness taken away. Not like that. So...I lied." he says silently. "I told him that nothing was going on. That it was all in his head... and that he should calm down and just be happy that his son seemed happy.." he looks down. "I really don't know... why I did that. If I told the truth-- maybe all Hope would had gotten... is just put back in her place."

"That doesn't sound like a full lie..." Haruna observed. "He really should had just been happy that his son was happy!" she insisted. Corvus managed a wry smile, but barely. Haruna paused. "What happened, then?" she asked.

"The leader found out by himself. He wasn't happy at anyone. He made Hope break my bind with her forcefully, and banished her." he looks down. "You know what it feels like when the bind breaks. You've felt it twice before." he says. "They gave me a new title. Calling me... a trickster god..!" Haruna could feel the anger flaring up in his voice.

So Haruna scooped up Corvus and placed on her stomach, and preened down his back. "So.. that's why you got angry... and started calling your priestesses.. Scorn. Right? Procyon told me a little about that." she asked softly. Corvus appreciated the attention, it did soothe his anger a little. He looked kind of sad over getting angry about it.

"Yeah..." he said. "I was. Angry. At everyone. I stopped caring... I started speaking in rhymes and riddles to hide the truth. I started scaring people. That's why. The tablets came into play. People were afraid because of my actions- and wanted to contain the other three too." he says softly.

Haruna couldn't help but give the silvery raven a small hug- careful not to squish him. "I think we need a gameplan then." she says softly. "We're going to say we're sorry... then we're going to look forward." she says with a smile. "If we just keep thinking of the past all the time, we'll both probably become evil and start rhyming again or something." she says with a joking tone. "That was literarily the /worst/ part of that."

"The worst part!? Don't be so smart...!" said Corvus in mock-teasing tone.

"You are the /worst/, Corvus-chan." said Haurna in a similar teasing tone, throwing her head back to the pillow.