Reality is Wrong (Sierra Earhart)

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Reality is Wrong (Sierra Earhart)
Date of Cutscene: 17 April 2016
Location: Sierra's Bedroom
Synopsis: Late in the evening, A slight meltdown leads to a very rough night's sleep.
Cast of Characters: Sierra Earhart

"Eggs in the heart? What a crock." The walk home from the park had Sierra more than a little nervous. While she didn't really believe the whole Heart egg thing that Utau had told her about, She did notice the urgency in her voice and the warning about Easter has her on edge. While it all sounds more than a little hokey it doesn't mean there is nothing to worry about.

Now, as the clock ticks past midnight, Sierra is lying in bed. Her mind is racing as the conversation plays on and on in her head. It's driving her bonkers! She closes her eyes and lets her mind drift ever higher until it's above the night clouds. She smiles a little as she stands up and steps outside onto her balcony. Rain falls from the sky as she breathes in the night air.

Thunder cracks and lightning strikes a building nearby. It startles Sierra and sets off the fear she had been fighting against so hard. She struggles to cling to the very thing that has kept her stable for these few minutes. Her dream! The fear of the height overwhelms her and she retreats to her room.

She jumps onto her bed and begins to weep. "Why? Why can't I shake this?! I just want to be free of this stupid fear! I don't wanna be scared anymore! I just want to let it go and I want my dreams! I wanna be a pilot! I can I know it. I wish to be a pilot and to make friends. I don't want to be like this anymore. I don't want to be scared anymore. I just want to be a pilot and fly above my fears."

Her heart pours out almost as fast as the tears in her eyes. Those tears just continue to flow for what seems like hours. There is no telling how long she cries as sleep comes up on her. She drifts off to a nice, happy place above the clouds.