Reservations (Hinote Kagari)

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Reservations (Hinote Kagari)
Date of Cutscene: 16 January 2016
Location: Waldian's Residence
Synopsis: Not the physiological kind!
Thanks to: Shinobu Kimura, for the idea.
Cast of Characters: Hinote Kagari

Thud. Thud. Thud. This was the sound of Hinote's head hitting the orante desk he had placed in his room in the new place the team had moved into. Renovations were still underway, but Hinote picked for himself what appeared to be a former guest room halfway up the ridiculous tall building, and begun setting up home there. This wasn't what had him banging his head of course.

He sat back up. He didn't see the writing on the wall and now he's paying for it. He was usually much better at... detecting... things like that. He thought he was asking a friend out for a sandwich and not asking someone 'interested' out on a date. When he put things together in his head- the later made more sense. ugh! How could he get so caught off guard!

It wasn't an /issue/ for him, per-say. He was afraid of the presentation. Ugh! /Midori-ya/ for a /date/!? He'd spent all morning making calls- trying to make a reservation for some nicer places. Everyone was booked for weeks. During his last call, he'd broken down into 'spoiled rich kid' status- and started yelling at the host on the other side of the call--- 'Don't you know who I am!?... et all...'. He of course, called and apologized immediately after. He was just worried and by the umpteenth call, the wear was showing.

He had one place left he could call and he did so.

"Is this the Augusta's Dining Room? Yes? Good! Tell me, am I able to make a reservation for sometimes next week during regular dinner service?"

Hinote listened to the reply and then his head fell forward towards the desk.

"So no openings until March." nrrrrrrrggggg. "T-thank you, Sir. Have a good day."

Hinote went back to bumping his head against the desk.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid....."