Restricted and Banned Concepts

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Restricted and Banned Themes and Concepts

While the staff here at MahouMUSH do our best to accommodate any and all concepts that fit within the theme, there are some concepts that are banned. Others are restricted and will have greater scrutiny applied to them during their application.

Restricted Concepts: Restricted concepts are ones that can still be applied for, but will have greater scrutiny placed against them and the players apping them:

  • Characters with potentially abusable, powerful abilities. Sailor Pluto/Saturn, Homura Akemi, Blue and Queen Beryl are examples of characters with potentially game breaking power and powers that can be abused if not handled properly.
  • Themes that skirt rating and theme, but still fall within Mahou-theme Territory, such as Star Driver and Mai-HiME: Such themes may have to be modified slightly to be appable.
  • Overtly Deconstructionist or ‘Parody’ Themes: If handled improperly, such themes can break theme, rating, and behavior guidelines. They are appable but will be more difficult to get in.

Banned Concepts: The following concepts can not be applied for at all. If you have further questions, ask staff.

  • The huge, powerful god-like forces of Light and Darkness: The Queen of Light, Dark King, Queen Metallia, and Wiseman are all examples of characters you may not apply for, but will be NPC’ed by Plotstaff as needed or with prior permission.
  • Unintelligent Monsters/Youma/Creatures: PMMM’s Witches, Precure’s Zakenna and so on are not appable. This doesn’t include characters who push the mold, like the Zakenna Butlers from Futari Wa Precure.
  • Specifically, you cannot app Kyubey and any other characters of his race.
  • Characters and Themes whose core concept break rating and behavior guidelines.
  • Characters who are a ‘mix’ of power sets from other themes. No ‘Sailor Mages’ or ‘Puella Chara Bearers’. Becoming temporarily or permanently corrupted by the Darkness isn’t the same thing as gaining another power set.