Riventon's Retrievers (Takashi Agera)

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Riventon's Retrievers (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 30 June 2015
Location: Eclipse Labs
Synopsis: Takashi has a new plan to acquire energy and artifacts!
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera

Takashi Agera - Riventon, one and the same - paced in front of the products of all of his hard work. And it had been a lot of work. A lot of trial and error. The first few generations of retrivers had been uncontrolable, feral monstrosities, interesting curiosities and still worth keeping up with, but entirely unsuited for the purpose he had designed them for.

The secret, it turned out, was to put more than his own energy into them, but a small spark of himself. Each of the monstrous shadow beasts in front of him carried a small peice of his own soul - not so much he couldn't heal it, but enough that he had been left magically weaker for a time. But it was worth it.

These Retrievers, their animal forms originally inspired by witnessing Scorn's raven youma, were loyal. Dangerous. And endowed with a malicious intellect above their animal peers - a side effect of his very personal donation. They looked only somewhat like the animals they were formed from - like those animals whose energy patterns and very souls Riventon duplicated with negative energy - from a wolf to a monsterous creature that stood taller than Riventon himself, teeth like blades and red eyes that glowed in the dark, body made of an almost liquid dark energy. From a snake to a massive three headed monster with the hods of a cobra and the tail of a rattlesnake, dripping raw dark energy instead of venom. The culmination of his research. The next step in his plan. Riventon opened the massive sliding door that lead from the lab to a back alley in downtown Mitakihara.

"Go out now, my pets, and hunt." he began. "Find those beating sources of power in the world, and bring them to me. Hunt the magical girls that vex me, and bring them to me - or bring me their corpses. Hunt my next batch of test subjects. Retrieve these things, bring them to me." Worldessly, the wolf stalked into the night, the snake slithered. The first two of many. A major step in a very grand plan.