Runaway (Norie Okana)

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Runaway (Norie Okana)
Date of Cutscene: 20 July 2016
Location: Okana Apartment
Synopsis: You can't go home again. Unless it's to get your stuff.
Cast of Characters: Norie Okana

Lacrima stood on a nearby rooftop opposite her family's apartment. Mom and Dad were leaving for work. They both looked worried. Her brother would still be in the apartment though if he was true to habit, he'd have earbuds on doing his homework before he left for school. She watched her parent's car ramble on into traffic....

--and she disappeared into a cloak of mist into her room-- a quick jump. She didn't have much time as she dumped her old dance club duffel bag empty of it's contents from the closet onto the bed. An old leotard, CDs with music, a towel, some granola bars she forgot in there- though still perfectly wrapped. She shoved the Leotard back in along with the few CDs. Everything else remained on the bed.

She unplugged her laptop, and shoved into the duffel bag, then she opened her dresser and picked out her six favorite shirts, her favorite skirts and a pair of shorts and pants and shoved them into the duffel bag. She packed up the few vanity items she had into the duffel bag's side pocket-- nail polish, a hair brush, some light make up.

She was using her supernatural ability to make it quicker. Moving without hesitance across the room leaving a short breeze in her wake.

Not much room left in the bag. She grabbed her handheld console and games. A few books she'd enjoyed re-reading--- some Anne Rice novels translated into Japanese she'd enjoyed when she was doing 'research' on her condition. Her wallet she'd forgotten--- she peeked in. Her brother hadn't raided it. Not important. But nice to know.

She suddenly turned her head and the door to the bedroom began to open, causing her to grab the bag....

"...Norie-chan?" asked Ryo Okana carefully as he peeked the door open, turning the light on, into... what looked like Norie's room hit by a torando, and entirely void of anyone it seemed. Dressers were open, so was the closet.... things were missing from her desk... "Norie-chan!? ... are you back!?" asked Ryo almost hopefully as he peeked into the closet. No, she wasn't hiding in there.... nor was the window open or even unlocked, neither did he see anyone leave between the noises he heard from his room down the hall and when he just opened the door...

Ryo called throughout the home... checking every room, hoping he'd find Norie, but to no avail. "Dammit." he muttered to himself. "What just happened.".

He'd have to call mom and dad... he wished he didn't have to worry them any more. He also wished Norie would come home. Neither wishes were seeming to come true today.