Sakura's confession(Sakura Kinomoto, Yukito)

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Sakura's confession(Sakura Kinomoto, Yukito)
Date of Cutscene: 01 February 2019
Location: Cherry blossom alleyway
Synopsis: Sakura finally confesses to Yukito...
Cast of Characters: Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura gulped nervously as she stood behind a tree, clutching the teddy bear she'd made all by herself, to her chest. Sakura petals flew through the air around the small path.... Because she'd used the flower card to set the scene YES IT WAS A MISUSE OF HER MAGIC BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? She worked REALLY hard to not misuse the cards but this was SPECIAL!

And then she heard him, his steps gently gracing the pavement. She gulped and took a deep breath. She could do this... She watched him pass... and then slowly she stepped out. "Yukito-sempai!" she called out.

Yukito stopped and glanced by. "Sakura-chan? What are you doing out here? Is Touya-kun with you?" he asked with that friendly smile that made her heart beat faster.

"He's at home... I... I wanted to talk with you... alone."

"Oh? What is it?"

Sakura stepped closer. Just one step closer. She then gulped, staring up at him. Her heart pounded so hard he had to hear it. "Yukito... sempai... I..." she whispered. "I... made this bear..."

"Oh, very nice," he said with a smile. And then took it from her grasp. Her cheeks flared as he examined it. "The stitching is very nice. Is it for me?" he asked.

"Y-yes!" Sakura said, staring at him. Now or never. Bottom of the ninth. Touch down and the game was won. Never give up. Never surrender. Everything would definitely be all right! "It's... I made it for you... it's..." She clenched her fist and... "I... I love you! Romantically!" she said.

Yukito blinked and then... Sighed... "Oh Sakura-chan..." he said, moving forward and kneeling in front of her... and put the bear in his arms. "Sakura-chan... listen. There's all kinds of love in this world but..."

Sakura didn't hear him after that. She just stared at him. The bear in her hands was clearer than words that he didn't feel the same way. Didn't... love her back. She stared at him, unable to hear the words he said. Something about how they shared a familial love, or something. He was like her brother? And how beautiful it was or what not. It wasn't until the end that she finally was able to listen, as his head came to rest on her head...

"And trust me, Sakura-chan. There's someone out there who you'll give that bear to, and you'll feel the right love for. Someone who's right for you. Do you understand?"

Sakura stared at him. Her heart shattering into a million pieces. But she forced a smile and nodded. "I-I... I understand," she whispered. "T-thank you."

"Of course, Sakura-chan. I--"

"I-I need to get to the diner, okay? B-bye!" Sakura said, turning and running away from him, unable to stop the tears from falling any more. The moment she was out of sight, she drew a card. Who CARED if it was exhausting? "Dash! Just... just help me run! H-help me GET AWAY!" she called, gaining a burst of speed as she ran as fast as she could... dropping the teddy bear on the ground and not even caring. Just running as fast and as hard as she could.

But you couldn't outrun your heart...