Schools and School Life

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Schools and School Life

School is an important part of most children and young persons’ lives. It’s where you might know your friends from, and where your character might spend a better portion of their days.

School has three grade levels: elementary, middle, and high school.

Elementary school is grades one through six. Middle school has the seventh through ninth grades, and high school has the tenth through twelfth grade. Grade levels are sometimes stated as the year they’re in; for example, someone who is is in seventh grade might say they’re in ‘1st year of middle school’, or someone in the 12th grade will say they’re in ‘3rd year of high school’.

The school week typically lasts from Monday through Saturday, but depending on the school, it can end on Friday. Sunday is always a day off from school. On MahouMUSH, public schools have school Monday through Saturday, and the private, elite schools have school through Friday, with two days off instead. (Hey, going to an elite school is hard work!)

MahouMUSH has four schools to choose from:

Seishou Public School: Seishou Public School is a newer public school, located within Uminari City, and its design is a modern, two story building. It has all the amenities of a newer school, but lacks a major auditorium or theater; instead, it often works out plans with Seiyou Public School to use its lovely amphitheater for affairs and events. Seishou’s headmistress is Mrs. Otaka, and it is also overseen by rookie vice-headmaster Kokoda Koki.

Verone Academy: Verone is an elite private school with an old pedigree. It isn’t easy to get into, but scholarships and wealthy families have no trouble paying the high tuition costs. It is in the same physical distract as Seishou Public, and considers it an unworthy rival, especially when it comes to competing in sports. Verone Academy in particular has a killer lacrosse team. Verone is also known for its lackluster headmaster, but its more productive and stern vice-headmaster, Kometsuki Kyouto, keeps everything together. Verone has dorms, given its private nature.

Seiyou Public School: An old building in Pikarigaoka that looks a lot like an old castle, Seiyou is one of Tokyo’s older public schools. It used to be a private school in days past, which accounts for its grand, old design. It has a ludicrous amount of amenities for a public school, such as a planetarium, an amphitheater, and a greenhouse. It often lends out the use of its facilities to other schools, free of charge, thanks to the generosity of its flashy and dashing headmaster, Tsukasa Amakawa.

Infinity University: Infinity used to be Mitakihara Public School, until an explosion at the nearby Tomoe Laboratories took out neighboring buildings. Now It’s the tri-skyscraper Infinity University. It’s a charter school, where talent gets you in, but money talks here too. This school is owned and operated by Infinity Laboratories Incorporated, which has its new laboratories on campus as well. As far as schools go, Infinity is the most modern in Tokyo, or perhaps the world; no expense seems to have been spared in the rebuilding of the school, no new technology left alone. Advanced students are even allowed to take some classes years ahead of when they should, including receiving college credit hours while still in high school (although this requires approval by Mahou MUSH Staff). Its headmaster is Professor Tomoe himself, but you’re more likely to see one of his five assistants in his stead most of the time, as he is an awfully busy man. Infinity provides dorms for those wishing to attend the prestigious university.

Schools in Tokyo typically will share resources and often offer the use of their services to one another on MahouMUSH, and many are within walking distance of one another. Even the elite private schools will share their resources begrudgingly, if it means they can call in a favor later they might need.

School Uniforms

On MahouMUSH, we don’t have a ‘set of uniforms’ for everyone to describe themselves into. In some Mahou Shoujo, the protagonists and other main characters tend to have a slightly more customized version of the schools uniform that is uniquely different, and here on MahouMUSH, we’re going that route, with allowing players to design their own character’s uniform in style and design. A School uniform SHOULD be clean, proper and well kept, but your character may or may not agree with that, and of course, references to teachers who disagree with your character’s choice of uniform and getting in trouble for it could just be a part of your character!

For those who want to have a present uniform, the uniforms that NPCs wear are listed on this page here, and you can have a uniform based off them too!

The Purpose of Schools and School Clubs on MahouMUSH

MahouMUSH provides the above four schools as a mix of schools that exist in Magical Girl media, fleshed out for people's convenience and used as set pieces on the MUSH.

If you wish, your character may be from a school that isn’t on the grid (i.e., not one of the four schools listed above) or some ‘sub school’ that may be a part of an existing campus. Please note that, in terms of some specific core FC themes, we’ve retargeted schools for some characters -- for example, Seishou Public School replaces Juuban Public in the terms of the Sailor Moon Theme.

It’s also possible to pitch a new school, and build one, using our building policies on MahouMUSH, if you feel so inclined.

Schools and clubs on MahouMUSH are meant to serve as a social hook -- that is, to make it easier to have some base familiarity with some other characters to help foster roleplay. Very rarely will events be ‘school specific’ when run by staff; more often than not they will be ‘school system-wide’. If you wish to transfer schools, you may do so easily by modifying your +finger and finger note to reflect this; we allow players to do this themselves, as long as it’s not turning into a game of ‘musical chairs’ where a player is changing schools/clubs every other week.