Seer's Hindsight (Nephrite)

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Seer's Hindsight (Nephrite)
Date of Cutscene: 13 February 2016
Location: Nephrite's Spooky Mansion
Synopsis: With the key recovered from Jadeite's palace, some of Nephrite's memories return.
Cast of Characters: Nephrite


He was the youngest on the boat when it flipped. Eight years old, his first time out on the huge seafaring canoe carved from a single cedar log. The ocean threw him far and deep, smothered him in ice and salt. When finally he broke the surface of the icy water, he was far from the canoe and quickly growing too numb to move. He swam anyway, fought against the crashing waves. His eyes locked on that of the upside-down thunderbird painted on the overturned boat's side and did not leave it. No matter how often the sea pushed him underwater and tugged at his limbs.

It was he who scrambled up the flipped boat's slippery flank and signaled the shore for help. That was when he started watching the sky. That was when he knew prayer.


He never knew brotherhood until he knew them. The kind of brotherhood that came from vows taken together. The kind of brotherhood that came from pranks and secret words and roughhousing and faith, always faith, in what they created together.

He devoted himself to the heavens, but they kept him tethered to Earth. Stars were cold and patterns and formulae. They were life and laughter and warmth. They were what made the future matter. That was when he knew what he was fighting for.


The door at the top of the stairs was hanging wide open, filling him with irritation. The top of the highest tower was his place, nobody else's. It did not matter that it was raining and the stars were hidden from him anyway. It was principle.

He froze in the doorway at the sight of her, standing with her back to him, face upturned to the rain. The storm danced around her and with her and through her. Lightning flickering overhead, wind teasing and pulling at her hair.

His people had a name for the creatures who created the storm. He never dreamed he would meet one. That was when he knew that gods are real.


There was no turning back, no questioning their path or their orders now, so he did not hesitate. He waded into the thick of the battlefied, shed blood on the planet's pristine silver surface.

In the distance thunder crashed, and he grinned ferociously. That was when he knew where his enemy stood.