Seishou Kendo Taicho, Doji Rurako

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Seishou Kendo Taicho, Doji Rurako
Date of Cutscene: 29 May 2015
Location: Seishou Public School
Synopsis: Rurako Doji makes a promise to herself, and to her team.
Cast of Characters: Rurako Doji

Ever since their crushing loss at their winter tournament, The kendo team met maybe once a week, those still serious were the former captain, and their new captain. Of course, Rurako became the new captain after winning a duel against her former Sempai, who has now given up hope at any Kendo Victory.

"It's not a sport people are fond of, it's a hard thing to perform, needs practice, and people expect instant Results Doji-Kouhai."

"S... sempai... we still needs you as part of them team!" She says as she looks down at her kendo stick.

"Doji-san, the team is in your hands now..." And he walks away.

Some time later.

Rurako Doji enters the Kendo Dojo, and sees the disarray of it. Giving a soft sigh, she sets down her portable radio and begins to play music, as she moves to begin cleaning up the Dojo. Sweeping, polishing the floor, setting the equipment right and fixing it, stocking the Kendo Sticks correctly, and hanging the new Roster, which sadly at this point is just her and a few others.

"Tryouts will have to be done, I'll drag them all to victory, even if I have to do it with them all kicking and screaming." She says as she turns and walks from the Dojo, she will not fail, it's not an option, she will show the other three schools that her team is not weak.