Shades of Blue (Rocky Road)

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Shades of Blue (Rocky Road)
Date of Cutscene: 04 August 2015
Location: Blue Skies
Synopsis: Scorn's been whisked away by the forces of darkness. Corvus' release is imminent and most likely unavoidable.
Thanks to: Characters: Blue and Procyon
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"Well, this is a great situation to be in." said Procyon as he came to a tumbling roll into a great big green field of grass. In the air, hung numerous amounts of mirrors, decked in blue lining floated around. "Just. A. Fine. Situation. Hey jerk who brought me here, YOU JUST RUINED EVERYTHING!" Procyon tried to throw a tremendous fuss, but his adorable, shadowy form of a raccoon didn't allow this to transfer very well.

"Did I?" asked the tall, blue haired man in a frilly fancy white shirt. "I'm sorry. I didn't act faster." he adds. "By the time my mirrors revealed what was happening, something horrible happened to your friends. I couldn't recover them. I'm very sorry. My name is Blue. Your name was Procyon? Deity of Stripes and Guile- right?" asked Blue with the kindest smile he could muster, given the seriousness of the situation, down at the raccoon spirit.

Procyon didn't look surprised. "This is very *bad*. That jerk in the grey uniform appeared in Haruna's room and now I'm here and *Ursa and Lynx* let themselves get put out like a candle by some big red haired jerk with a broadsword!? I told them it was a bad idea to just sit idly. This is very very very very----"

"Yes, very bad." said Blue, interrupting but still smiling. "I'm aware of the situation, and of Haruna Kurosawa. She's beyond my reach right now. My apologies again. It isn't my business, to get involved in the affairs of the planet like this. However, I'm sure you can feel that foreboding feeling. Yes?" he asks.

The raccoon spirit just frowned. "Yeah I can. Corvus is coming and there is absolutely nothing that I can do stop it this time. Haruna's probably going to die when he hatches from his damn tablet and he takes back what's his. She doesn't deserve this. Now there's nothing I can do! This is all my fault! I should had told her to stay with that dreamy blonde guy." he hisses.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that." said Blue. "I intend to stand against him. I trust in the heroes of Tokyo. Each and every single one of them, but even heroes need a helping hand, Once in a while. This is one of those times."

Procyon looked confused. "But you just basically said you didn't get involved.". Blue just looked down, still smiling. Still sincere, at the raccoon spirit- That unearthly calm all around him. "Besides..." paused Procyon. "We need Haruna... and when Corvus frees himself. She really won't have long."

"...Do you really think that?" asked Blue.

Procyon felt much smaller, suddenly and fast. "I'm not sure now, actually. Usually. I have all the answers. I guess I don't right now. Heh. Some deity, right? Ha...! I'm a joke. I hide keys for fun!" Blue continued to smile. It was his default state. He spoke. "That's enough of that. You can't believe in your friend if you can't believe in yourself first, and I very much need your help. Your friend is stronger than you think she is. Anyone else would had collapsed from the sheer despair she's been through- yet, the darkness hasn't consumed her against her will like many others before her." there's a sad familiarity in his voice.

The raccoon spirit began to think. "I guess. That makes sense. I thought it was just Corvus' power rubbing off on her. But that doesn't really make much sense when he's trapped....". For a moment. Things were quiet. A breeze brushed through the odd land of green grass, blue skies, and odd mirrors. "So... how do I help? I'm not exactly Tuxedo Kamen here, chief, The mask is just for show and I'd look terrible in a top hat." still with that dry wit.

Blue gave another smile. The sad undertone still in his voice. "I want her to understand she isn't the only one who lost a dear friend that night. I want to tell you the story of how I met Aki Kurosawa..."