Shattered (Takashi Agera)

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Shattered (Takashi Agera)
Date of Cutscene: 23 January 2016
Location: UMBRA HQ, Mitakihara Residential District
Synopsis: Takes place alongside Bonds and Betrayal.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera

Takashi had plans to move tonight! Which is why he had gone to do experiments on a Saturday MORNING instead of in the evening like usual. Which is why he had returned to headquarters with bruises, burns, and a pretty nasty cut. Without the protection of his barrier jacket he would've surely been dead - without the dark power that courses through him he'd still be incapacitated. He's walking, but it's slow.

This means he wasn't in much shape to actually do any moving. But being a powerful dark mage has fringe benefits even in a more normal life - which is why the boxes Ayana and Takashi packed up earlier are being moved by an army of shadow creatures. Takashi smiled a bit as he directed them like the Sorcerer's Apprentice. "Taka-kun," Ayana called to him as their movers carried things into the new house, "I'm gonna go get some food. I'll be back tonight to see our new house!" she promised. Before Takashi could raise a voice to stop her, she was gone. He smiled. Well, it'd just make for more of a surprise when she came back, to see all the trouble he'd gone to. She wouldn't have to decorate at all - he'd done all of the prepwork to turn a house into a home.

It wasn't until some time later it started. Until he began to feel it within the core of his soul. While the black energy that coursed through him, and the war with his less vile parts meant that often the emotions of the link with his familiar were muted, this moment wasn't. He clutched at the center of his chest, like he could press a hand against his linker core. It would be one thing if he were dissolving the bond. It is entirely another to have someone forcibly tugging at the string, attacking their connection. His hold over the shadow youma dissapates, and they vanish, and a box slams to the floor of the new house, spilling pots everywhere loudly.

Still holding hand to chest, he moved away from the house, through the side Door that exited within Umbra. Down the halls and to his lab. "Ayana." he repeated, over and over. Once in his lab, equipment whirring, he had a thought. Still Night. He could use Still Night to track her. Still Night should be protecting her, though. And true to that worry, the equipment couldn't track Still Night anywhere - not in the Three Wards or Tokyo itself. And still that attack on their bond - he could feel it, like someone stomping on his heart.

And then just as suddenly as it began, it stopped. It stopped with a feeling like a chunk of soul had been ripped from him - like a feeling he had put himself through, but so much bigger, so much greater. And then, an overwhelming feeling like there was a peice of him missing. And he knew - he knew Ayana wasn't dead. Not before the link was broken, anyways... she was just taken away from him, their bond was shattered. The feeling of inner pain was gone - but not that sense of loss.

And certainly not the dramatically upwelling since of rage, of sorrow, of indignation. Who would do this?! It had to be that girl. The one Ayana talked about, the one that made her so sad as to consider wanting to be unmade. The one who'd caused all of this. And all these signs he had dilligently ignored came to him. And that means there was someone else to blame, and it was the person in the mirror. It was his weakness.

A trip to the storage room in the back of the lab was made quickly, without even time to don a lab coat. He'd get one shortly, anyways. Not looking at dates, not focusing, not wanting to feel the wet warmth of any tears, he grabbed the canisters by their handles. One. Two. Three. Four. His device was concerned, blaring concerns that gradually became outright warnings. Five. Six. The device took action in a way, forcibly pushing Takashi into his henshin, so that it could, in some way, manage what was to come. Seven. Eight. Riventon, now, began to open the canisters, to let their energy out, to draw it into himself.

The person that left the room was still Riventon, but a changed Riventon. The massive influx of dark energy had transformed him - Takashi's more controlled hair had grown wild, with a dark purple at the tips, the skin was paler, the person more gaunt with fingers that ended in near claws. And a sneer on his thinner face, though the green eyes remained. Axion firmly affixed to his hand. As he passed by a mirror he wondered if the changes would stick to Takashi. If Riventon ever became Takashi Agera again.

He left the lab, using the new Door to return to what should've been their house. Each step he took bled black energy into the floor or tiles, discoloring it until the energy dissapated into the air. He stopped to pick up something, though. A small black leash. He wrapped it around his shoulder, like a fourragere... but not an award. Something to remind him of what his weakness cost him. Fingers dripped black energy like slime into the air as he tied it there.

And then, he was out the door, lauching himself into the air, a corona of black light erupting out as he soared into the sky. As he looked for his fox - and as he looked to punish those responsible, and perhaps the very world they inhabited, for the empty feeling he could still feel, even with all of the dark energy rushed inside him.