She Remembers (Takashi Agera, Sailor Earth))

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She Remembers (Takashi Agera, Sailor Earth))
Date of Cutscene: 19 December 2017
Location: D-Point
Synopsis: Takashi goes to retrieve his experiment, who has gotten a little lost in thought.
Cast of Characters: Takashi Agera

Takashi pulled his slightly oversized lab coat around him like a trenchcoat as the chilly, dry wind blew through the corridors. He moved silently, poking his head into doorways and scanning rooms that had been empty for a near-year, sighing when his target wasn't within them, cold air escaping and making a puff of water vapor that danced in the air.

Eventually he found his quarry - Sailor Earth, leaning against a relief etched into the wall. It showed the Golden Kingdom in radiant splendor, and her thin fingers traced the depressions in the wall.

"There you are." Takashi said, walking towards her. The girl with the eyes like the ocean fixed them on him as she leaned back against the wall.

"You're one to talk. I was wondering if you were just going to leave me here forever to pine over things that we've lost and will never have again until the end of time." She had a smirk on her face as she said it. "Where have you -been-, Takashi Agera? What have you been up to? Am I missing out?"

"Not unless you really love school work. Turns out even Eclipse expects me to do some degree of work to earn my grades, and I kinda let it stack up. Anyways, it's taken care of now." Earth nodded, and paused. Her hand went back first, tracing over the contours of the relief, then she turned to look at it.

"Sa-" Takashi caught himself. "Mirai?" The sound of her name, the name Takashi gave her, snapped her out of it.

"I just don't understand how they could let this all slip away. It's so beautiful. When I spent time here I can see it. Through his eyes, but I want to see it all through mine. I miss somewhere I've never been, my heart aches so terribly, Takashi..." she whispers, as much to the relief as to him. "I remember... dancing. To the most beautiful music. With a girl who had the most beautiful eyes."

Takashi grew quiet, and he stepped forward cautiously. He didn't say anything, just observed her. She was absolutely far from where she'd been before she spent all of this time here. Had a different look about her. A different sound to her voice. Her energy felt different too.

"Mirai, don't forget why you're here." he said, after that long pause. "You can't..." he stopped. He nearly told her she couldn't go there, but somehow he knew that might be too cruel. "...can't return there." he finished finally. "But if you remember my goals, our goals, we can make a place that's even more glorious, even better." He needed her back on track. His life was sorted and it was time to move forward, and that movement needed the help of Mirai, needed the actions of Sailor Earth.

She eventually pulled her hand away from that relief and turned to face Takashi, then bowed slightly, hands clasped in front of her. "I'm sorry. Are you ready to have me head back out? I'd like to... help. And to talk to them. Maybe they can't see what I can see, but maybe they can."

"Talk to who?" Takashi asked, a question he could guess the answer to.

"Bunny. And her friends. And Mamoru's other allies. The court." she said. Takashi nodded. "See what you can prod and poke. We might have been in a holding pattern for a while, but it's time to move. We do have crowns to forge."

"A rose crown for a new era." Mirai said to herself, and smiled. But she gave one last look back at the relief before she followed Takashi out of the ruins and through a portal he'd opened.