Sister (Yuuki Oshiro)

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Sister (Yuuki Oshiro)
Date of Cutscene: 31 October 2016
Location: Yuuki Oshiro's Home
Synopsis: Yuuki begins discovering a little more about her Father and the device called Shining Star. Things take a turn for the interesting.
Cast of Characters: Yuuki Oshiro

Wow! What a Haul! Turns out if you are a bit of a scaredy cat You get lots of candy while Trick or Treating! Her mom was a bit annoyed by the amount of candy in the bag. Too much candy for a young girl! Yep! She was going to have to take care of some of that. Just like that about half the bag was taken somewhere secret. Namely because she didn't want Yuuki eating all of that candy at once.

Amidst the candies there were also a few books and a couple fruits not to mention a notebook and a pen. Turns out one teacher was hoping that kids would do something other then chomp on candy over the next few days.

After the great candy division Yuuki took the remainder of her haul to her room. She popped a piece of honey candy into her mouth and quietly sat there looking at the weird yellow stone that happened to be shaped like a star. Quietly she runs her thumb over the thing. "Shining Star, Are you awake?"

"End Standby Mode. Yes Young Master, I am awake." The device states but not aloud. The smooth English female voice resounds in her mind.

Yuuki blinks, "Ummm... Who are you? What are you?" She responds using her mind instead of her voice.

Quickly there is a response. "I am a device. I aid my Master."

"But... who is your master? You asked about Ryo Oshiro before, He wasn't your Master, Was he?"

"Yes. Now I am without a Master."

She frowns. "I understand. I'm without a daddy now. I wish I could help you out." she frowns and lies down on her bed. "My friends said I'm a magical girl. I don't feel magical." She frowns. "I don't understand any of this."

"You wish to help. Go outside, Young Master."

Yuuki blinks a few times. "Okay." She takes Shining star and quietly slips out the door. By now her mom is in bed and she really doesn't want to wake her up. "Taking orders from strange rocks. This is a new level of weird for me."

"Stop Sulking, Young Master. It is unbecoming."

Yuuki rolls her eyes. Quietly she steps out onto the sidewalk. "Okay I'm outside."

"Good, State how you wish to help."

"Err... I want to help you because you were close to Daddy. That makes us family in a way." Yuuki. "I want to understand why I feel weird sometimes..."

"Speak your heart."

"My daddy used to say that! If I am a magical girl like my friends think I am, then I want to do my best to help them. I want to help as much as I can and I don't want bad things to happen to my friends and my momma. So I want to be able to protect them! This is my goal... my mission... Our Mission. Shining Star, Set Up!"

"This is my goal... my Mission... Our Mission. Shining Star, Set up!" The device speaks in sync with the girl.

Everything goes violet as stars fall behind her. Her clothing vanishes only to be replaced buy an outfit She's only dreamed about. A staff appears with with a giant yellow orb at it's end and a star surrounding it. Moments later. Everything stops leaving the young girl there looking much more like a Magical girl.

She blinks a few times and looks down over herself. A moment later she is flailing about. "Oh my gosh what just happened why do I look like this!"

"Calm down, Sister."

With a quick burst of speed, Yuuki takes off into the Apartment still holding her staff and still dressed in a really interesting outfit. Once in her room. She begins panicking a little. "Okay! Alright! Just going to go to sleep. Everything will be alright in the morning. I am going to wake u and everything will be normal!" She lies down and closes her eyes.

The magic does fade leaving Yuuki in her night clothing and Shining Star in her hand.