So Now What?

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So Now What?
Date of Cutscene: 14 December 2016
Location: Clover Tower
Synopsis: Hope Kanata mulls over a recent event.
Thanks to: Haruka Haruno~
Cast of Characters: Prince Kanata

Prince Kanata was standing on the top of Tokyo Tower. He wanted a good view of the city. This was close to--- being on the castle's front balcony he could get in Tokyo. Everything looked pretty. He could see the neon lights in the distance. The tiny specs of cars. It was pretty. A different kind of pretty- than his home.

"You know." he said to the tiny Siamese cat fairy floating next to him. "It would had been helpful to know. About. That." he said. "I did not like making her cry even unintentionally." he said with a sigh.

The tiny car fairy had her arms crossed, that wand held at a slight down angle in her right paw. "She never said anything." she insisted. "I mean. It was obvious to me. Clearly it should had been obvious to you." she said waving that wand around- head nodding assuredly.

Prince Kanata soured at that. Ugh. Of course. It was obvious. and of course. He missed it. "So... now... what?" he asked as he rubbed the back of his head- in an overwhelmed manner.

"You should take her out somewhere." she insisted. "Nothing too fancy. But enough to. Maybe call it 'date-ish'."

The Prince made a sound similar to: 'erk'. "But... where? All the obvious places I know of. Well. It's snowing." he says.

"There's places she might like that aren't full of flowers." she insisted- in a particularly sassy way.

More sourness. "But where then?" he asked.

"Why don't you ask her?~" still sassy.

Ugh. Of course. That was simple. Wasn't it?