Social Ineptitude (Ami Mizuno)

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Social Ineptitude (Ami Mizuno)
Date of Cutscene: 11 February 2016
Location: Takashi Agera's Home
Synopsis: Ami Mizuno finds it difficult to sleep with Takashi in the same room, so instead she texts her friends for advice.
Cast of Characters: Ami Mizuno, Usagi Tsukino, Rei Hino, Minako Aino, Makoto Kino

Usagi, 11 February

You text Usagi Tsukino: So what does it mean when a boy decides 'You must not have a boyfriend' because you aren't getting worried texts from a boy?

A text from Usagi Tsukino: Ummm maybe he's doing algebra when he should be comparing love to something more complex like calculus?

You text Usagi Tsukino: ... I don't quite understand what that analogy is supposed to mean.

You text Usagi Tsukino: What do mathematics have to do with boyfriends?

A text from Usagi Tsukino: ...because love isn't as simple as basic math. Its more complex with lots of variables. Its also irrational like pi!

You text Usagi Tsukino: ... now I'm very confused. How does this relate to the question?

A text from Usagi Tsukino: ...he's doing 2+2. But there's other thingies involved

You text Usagi Tsukino: So what should I do about it?

A text from Usagi Tsukino: I don't know! What do you WANNA do?

You text Usagi Tsukino: I don't know. I don't really even know what it means. But it makes me a little nervous.

A text from Usagi Tsukino: Well, just remember. Just because he's taking care of you, it doesn't mean you OWE him smooches.

You text Usagi Tsukino: I didn't say it was Agera!!

A text from Usagi Tsukino: ...who ELSE have you been talking to since getting hurt?

You text Usagi Tsukino: I ... didn't say it wasn't him, either. I don't want you making assumptions! I'm just trying to figure out what to do with it.

A text from Usagi Tsukino: I didn't make assumptions. I followed the scientific method! :D And I don't know, either. I don't have all the bits for the love-love equation :(

You text Usagi Tsukino: :( k.

Rei, 11 February

You text Rei Hino: Hey Rei? Makoto and Minako aren't answering their texts and Usagi wasn't much help and I'm sitting here trying to figure out a social thing. Um. Are you busy?

A text from Rei Hino: Not at the moment. What's up Ami-chan?

You text Rei Hino: I'm trying to figure out what it means when a boy assumes you don't have a boyfriend because you aren't receiving worried texts from one.

A text from Rei Hino: Okay, one, why should you be recieving worried texts? Two, what business is it of his that you don't have a boyfriend? Is he trying to /imply/ something about you?

You text Rei Hino: ... Usagi didn't tell you? Oh geeze. Uh. I guess that's more important, but I don't know what he's trying to imply; that's why I'm asking for help. But Kunzite kinda tried to kill me and almost pretty much succeeded. My mom thinks I got sick helping with the post-storm cleanup so don't tell anyone, please, but I'm still in a pretty bad way.

A text from Rei Hino: *after a pause in which Rei may or may not have thrown something at something else* So Kunzite's been taken by the enemy again, huh? I guess it was just a matter of time. I wonder if that means Endymion's in trouble, too. Actually, I guess we should be worried for all of them. Except Jadeite maybe.

A text from Rei Hino: If he's bringing up the word 'boyfriend' then he's probably either trying to make you feel unattractive or he's trying to ask if you're available.

You text Rei Hino: Endymion definitely has been, too. Usagi implied she thinks Zoisite wasn't, but Zoisite is tricky so I'm not sure I agree iwth her. Except for Jadeite, I think we should assume they are all dangerous, again.

A text from Rei Hino: I see. Well. It was nice while it lasted. Gave us some insights, too. We can probably still use a lot of the information we obtained from that.

You text Rei Hino: ... well he also has been really worried for me. Like ... if it weren't for this guy I'd be dead. He saved me from Kunzite, and has since been using his own magic to cleanse me of the poison that's still infesting my own energy and body. And he's taking it on himself, too, because he can't just ... transfer it out of me. So we're kind of sharing magical energies on-and-off. So um. I guess it's the available thing?

A text from Rei Hino: Candlelight instead of Fire Soul. Got it.

A text from Rei Hino: Wow actually, taking it on himself? That's... really uh.

You text Rei Hino: He's really smart. He's done a lot of research into energy manipulation and pattern transformations. We've compared notes before on magical issues. Actually he's part of the reason I was able to get the warning out so fast about the zombie thing Zoisite tried to do to everyone. But yeah, he's been bleeding the poison out of me (magically, not physically) and running it through his own system to purify it.

A text from Rei Hino: ... Are you dating him? Wait no that's silly in light of what he's asking, but... like. This seems like a situation where I should ask if you're dating him.

You text Rei Hino: NO! OMG, Rei!! We went to dinner once at Verde 45, but it wasn't a date! It was just dinner so we could talk about Professor Izono. And then he got really badly hurt by Endymion, so I took him somewhere safe and helped make sure he recovered. And now I guess he's returning the favor.

A text from Rei Hino: Uh huh.

You text Rei Hino: :(

A text from Rei Hino: haha ami it's okay.

You text Rei Hino: We're not dating!

A text from Rei Hino: Look, I'm just saying that, in this situation, it would not be surprising to find out that he's attracted to you.

You text Rei Hino:  :( I was worried that was it. What do I do?

A text from Rei Hino: Well... how do you feel about him? Do you like him? Is he interesting? Or are you grossed out? Is he creepy?

You text Rei Hino: Well ... I thought the way he asked the question was kinda creepy. But he's really smart, and I feel like we can learn a lot from one another.

A text from Rei Hino: I see. Yeah I mean that's kindof... a strange way to ask. Well, I think you should try to decide if you'd rather have him as a colleague or friend... or if you'd be interested in dating him. That way if he makes a move you'll have an answer.

A text from Rei Hino: ... because after a question like that he may very well make a move.

You text Rei Hino:  :( I probably won't even notice if he does. Why does this always have to be so complicated? I just want to talk nerdy with him. Why does dating have to be a consideration?

A text from Rei Hino: lol You're asking me? I wouldn't even think about dating unless it was someone I was really into, and even then they'd have to deal with me being busy all the time. And yet, here we are. Dating is often a consideration, even in cases where two people mutually decide that it wouldn't work.

You text Rei Hino: If he asks again can I just say I'm dating you or something?

A text from Rei Hino: after I haven't been sending you worried texts? XD people are gonna wonder what kind of girlfriend I am. I'd advise against dishonesty but if you really need a patsy then sure.

You text Rei Hino: Oh. Yeah, I guess that's a good point. I'm sortof a bad liar. I made Usagi-chan text my mom when she came over to bring me some clothes.

You text Rei Hino: He snores just a little.

A text from Rei Hino: Well the thing is even if he doesn't question it, being dishonest about it will just confuse and complicate things later. ... haha, he does?

You text Rei Hino: Yeah. He kinda sounds like a purring tiger. Luna says hi, by the way. She stayed here after Usagi-chan left.

A text from Rei Hino: Hi Luna-chan! ... oooh, like a purring tiger? So would you say it was cute, then?

You text Rei Hino: That question is a trap. I'm not answering it.

A text from Rei Hino: Haaaa, clever clever Ami-chan. Well, there's a good chance he didn't mean anything by it. All I can say is think about it. Either way, it's not going to be the end of the world.

You text Rei Hino: I just wish he'd go sleep in his bed instead of in the chair. It ... kindof is cute, but I'm just uncomfortable sleeping in a room with a boy. Even if it's just a livingroom. And even if he's basically saved my life.

A text from Rei Hino: Hmm. Yeah, sure, I mean of course. I guess there's no other place for you to sleep?

You text Rei Hino: I don't trust myself to walk without his help right now. Also, Luna is purring on my stomach.

A text from Rei Hino: Oh geeze. Well, I guess there's no two ways about it. If he tries anything untoward we still have the option of burning his house down.

You text Rei Hino: Rei-chan! He saved my life! Besides, I think Usagi put the fear of death in him already. And Luna's here. She'll speak up if he does something, I'm sure.

A text from Rei Hino: Alright alright. Not his house. His hair then.

You text Rei Hino: <3 At least I don't want for protectors. If you want to burn Kunzite's house down, though, be my guest.

A text from Rei Hino: I fully intend to burn down his real house, once we get the Phantom Silver Crystal. >:|

You text Rei Hino: ... yeah. I just hope we can save them. :/ It's really not Kunzite's fault.

A text from Rei Hino: It's not. That doesn't stop him from being our enemy for now, but I really do hope we can save them.

You text Rei Hino: Oh geeze, now he sounds like a quadcopter running out of gas. Ugh, why do boys snore!?

A text from Rei Hino: To make us suffer. u_u

You text Rei Hino: I'm not going to get any sleep tonight. Oh well, I guess I can do the homework Usagi-chan brought me and sleep tomorrow.

You text Rei Hino: Thanks for talking. I'll stop being a pest.

A text from Rei Hino: ttyl. get well soon, ami-chan.

Minako, 12 February

You text Minako Aino: Mina-chan? You understand boys, right

A text from Minako Aino: I understand everything

You text Minako Aino: Well I think there is a boy who wants to 'make a move' on me, as Rei put it. how will I know if he's trying to do that?

A text from Minako Aino: If it distracts you from doing your job, it is a move

A text from Minako Aino: also youll know

Makoto, 12 February

You text Makoto Kino: Mako-chan, are you busy? I know it's a school day and you're probably doing homework, but I need some advice.

A text from Makoto Kino: are you kidding? I always have time for you no matter how much homework I have

A text from Makoto Kino: also AMI-CHAN

A text from Makoto Kino: how are you? are you ok?

You text Makoto Kino: Eek. Sorry for making you worry. I'm still in a lot of pain, but don't tell Usagi-chan. She needs to think I'm getting better. And I am ... but a lot slower than I'd expect.

A text from Makoto Kino: that doesn't sound good

You text Makoto Kino: He did a real number on me. :/ Be careful around your friend, Mako-chan. I think they were *all* re-mind-controlled again.

A text from Makoto Kino: J thinks so too. Usagi-chan and I talked to him. should've sooner. ._.

A text from Makoto Kino: sorry

A text from Makoto Kino: is there anything I can do to help?

A text from Makoto Kino: I mean, besides cover for you to your mom

A text from Makoto Kino: which I did

You text Makoto Kino: Oh, I wish there was. I wish I could actually be at your house. The boy who saved me is having to spend a lot of his own energy to keep me on the path to recovery. He's actually *sharing* his energy with me, and mine with him. Which is poisoning him, too, but he's somehow able to resist it better. So it's like dyalisis. It's ... really uncomfortable, though. Like ... I'm blushing just writing all of this.

A text from Makoto Kino: wow

You text Makoto Kino: ... don't just say 'wow' D:

A text from Makoto Kino: ah sorry! it sounds really awkward but I'm glad he's helping you

You text Makoto Kino: Yeah. He is. And it's really sweet. But ... I don't know. I texted Rei really late last night about this, but I'm worried she's worse at people than I am.

A text from Makoto Kino: you don't know about what? is he being weird at you?

You text Makoto Kino: He was a little weird at me. He said 'So I guess you don't have a boyfriend or he'd probably be blowing up your phone by now'. Which felt really .. . awkward. I told him I hadn't had time for boyfriends and he just kinda pressed the issue until I made the excuse of having to go to the restroom. Which was even more awkward because I can't even walk on my own so he had to help me get there. At least I didn't need him to stay in the room with me.

A text from Makoto Kino: ok yeah that sounds kinda weird

A text from Makoto Kino: sounds like he likes you, but being pushy while you're stuck relying on him to help you is Not Ok

You text Makoto Kino: Rei-chan thinks it means he's going to try to 'make a move' whatever that means. I think she means he's going to try to be my boyfriend or something. I don't know what to do about it.

A text from Makoto Kino: want me to come loom at him? >:|

A text from Makoto Kino: actually what kind of food is he giving you, should I bring you something?

You text Makoto Kino: ... yes to the come, no to the loom? He's really smart and really nice. I think he's just not very socially inclined, same as me. He's been giving me chicken broth, which is about all I could eat for a bit, there. It might be nice to get some real food, though. Something light. I think I could handle it, by now.

A text from Makoto Kino: pestering you about boyfriends while you're sick isn't very nice, Ami-chan

A text from Makoto Kino: but ok! I will make something and bring it over <3

You text Makoto Kino: I just think he doesn' tknow any better. Promise me you won't be too mean to him.

A text from Makoto Kino: I promise I won't loom at him unless I see him do something to deserve it

A text from Makoto Kino: fair?

You text Makoto Kino: <3 You're the best, Mako-chan. Here's his address.

A text from Makoto Kino: got it! if you've got any particular food requests let me know <3

A text from Makoto Kino: otherwise I'll figure it out

You text Makoto Kino: Just something light. I still struggle holding my own chopsticks so something I can eat with my fingers.

A text from Makoto Kino: gotcha

Makoto, 14 February

You text Makoto Kino: So he's actually got a tragic story I should tell you sometime. Also I'm making him take me out for Takoyaki to get some fresh air. Tired of being couped up. We're low on your delicious food, but I can sorta kinda take walks now, so ... maybe I can go home soon. I hope.

A text from Makoto Kino: I can bring you more food if you need it! until you get to go home

A text from Makoto Kino: you're also welcome to stay over at my place and let me and Usagi pamper you

You text Makoto Kino: I don't want to impose on you, Mako-chan. But I might take you up for a day or two. I really do want to get away from him for a bit. He's figuring out things I don't want him to. He knows who I am, although I pretended he was wrong. Maybe I threw him off enough. I don't know. I'm not afraid of him, even though I probably should be. But ... I guess he's sorta like Nephrite for you. Except without the memories of what once was. Oh, he's coming back downstairs. I'll text you later.

A text from Makoto Kino: ok. be careful.