Some things never change (Eilam Hisakawa)

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Some things never change (Eilam Hisakawa)
Date of Cutscene: 28 June 2016
Location: Tokyo
Synopsis: After a run-in with a couple of Yakuza while he was having a conversation with someone, Eilam decides to go about getting an apology.
Cast of Characters: Eilam Hisakawa

It had been a couple of days since last Eilam had seen Jiaying Maki. The young foxgirl(?) that he'd encountered a couple of times, most recently at an old church where he had been while looking for information on someone he used to know. Someone he knew the last time he'd come to Japan, quite a many years back.

While that attempt had turned up bust, with no information to be found, their conversation had been so rudely interrupted outside by a couple of Yakuza punks and an associate of theirs. An attempt at stealing Eilams wallet, a brief scuffle leaving him injured and having had his 'condition' exposed to Jiaying? Well, he was annoyed by the exchange.

Especially since he had recognized something about one of the thugs, the one who had injured him. He recognized a tattoo on his neck. Something he hadn't seen in a long, long time. It was a tattoo similar to someone else he used to know. Someone he had met… shortly after World War II.


"And who the hell are you?" a rather surly-looking young Yakuza fellow snapped, looking towards the well-dressed young fellow with his long pink hair pulled back behind him, wearing a stylish western suit. It was 1947, the aftereffects of the war were going on, and here he was - in occupied Japan, harassing a Yakuza in an alley in Tokyo.

"I believe something of mine was taken. By your group, during the events at Nanking a few years past." The young man spoke quietly, but the Yakuza, himself barely in his early twenties, seemed equally surly. He didn't even have a shirt on at the moment, having taken it off to do some work in the alley in moving things.

"Yeah, well, better get out of here before I get annoyed. Whatever you think was yours is gone now."

Eilam sighed at that, grasping his stave and twisting it a little to pull it apart before pulling out a long thin sword that he always carried inside of it, no guard on the handle, just a thin thing to defend himself with. Or in this case, harass others. As it was pulled out, he pointed the estoc towards the man. "I will speak with your boss."


After having asked around here and there to get some information, there Eilam was again, walking quietly down an alleyway in Tokyo towards a group of rather hostile-looking Yakuza. "I will speak with your boss. Take me to him please."

The group of men blink and look at each other, then back towards Eilam, then start to laugh. "I think we'll just take your money and send you back with a sore head." That got a sigh out of Eilam, and then a laugh. "Some things never change. Arakida Goro. I will speak to him, or whoever currently is your boss."

There was a lingering silence. "How do you know that name?"

"That is not your concern. I would speak with him. Take me to him?"

There is a few mixed looks before one of the Yakuza nods and signals him over. A motorcycle was nearby with a sidecar, and Eilam was motioned to it.


"Arakida Goro? Very well, Mr. Arakida. Your group took something of mine that I had in a safe at Nanking. I would have it back."

The man who now stood before Eilam, now that they were inside a rundown building that was acting as a front for stolen properties that were pilfered from the wars activities, starts to laugh. "And why would I give you a thing boy? You look like I could blow you over." He was tall, well built, completely covered in tattoos with a particular tattoo upon his neck standing out in different colors. His family crest. "Okay then. Have your fellows leave this room, and I will give you a chance to kill me. You have one minute. If I am still alive when the minute passes, you will return to me my property, and personally help me find it."

This got a surprised look out of the man, who was easily a foot taller than Eilam and twice as heavy. "You're dead." He beckoned the rest of the people out.


A large family estate out in the countryside near Tokyo, well kept. A place no one really went to unless they had business. Eilam was led inside towards a meeting room in the interior and inside was a tiny old man sitting in the tatami-laden room, in front of a small table that had his lunch on it. He was quietly eating, though as Eilam was led in, he looked up and stared. It was a long stare, and then a small smile.

"Eilas? No, no… it was something similar. It has been some time."

"It has, Mr. Arakida. And it was Eilam, not Eilas."


A minute had passed and to be quite honest, the Yakuza looked terrified. He was holding a sword and looked like he'd seen a ghost. Eilam was standing nearby, his clothes looking quite terrible, but he was still upright even if he, and his clothing, looked rather terrible. "Now, you will keep your word?"


Eilam laughed at that, "No, but I promise you will be if you tell anyone of this. I am quite amiable once you get to know me. Now, my property. Let us discuss it."


Just the two of them in the room now, Eilam sat down in front of him and as the old man, easily in his eighties, of not early nineties, poured him a bowl of Sake, he took it and drank a little. "I see you still have not taught any of your younger types any manners. Just the other day, I came across one of them near a church. I offered him some yen to leave and he had the nerve to stab me and try to make off with my wallet. No manners."

That gets a snort out of Goro. "Is that why you came? You wished to make an example of him?" Eilam shook his head. "I wanted to have him write an apology to the young lady who was with me that witnessed it. I realized he was from your group when I saw the tattoo on his neck, honoring you. But to think you are still alive… it has been a long time."

"And you look the same. I still think you are a spirit." Goro replied, but nodded. He clapped his hands and someone came in, taking the description and location of the one involved, and trotted off on his way to figure out who it was. "In the meanwhile, Eilam… what was it again that you came all the way to Japan to retrieve? My memory is starting to get bad with age."

Reaching into his coat, Eilam pulled out a small jeweled pin that looked to be fairly old. "It was this. Taken from a safe in Nanking during the war. A gift to me from someone I cared about once, a long, long time ago.