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Special Thanks!

Giving thanks is important, and without the help of the following people, resources and communities, MahouMUSH would not be possible:

Volund’s MUSHcode Suite:

https://github.com/volundmush/mushcode - On which the MUSH uses as a corebase and helped us get setup as fast as we did!


http://www.megamanmush.com - For providing inspiration for our overall philosophy of how we roll here on MahouMUSH. http://megamanmush.livejournal.com/105075.html should be required reading by all future or current MUSH Admin everywhere.

Mountain Dew Flavored AMP

Fueled most of Rocky Road’s late night policy writing.

SmokingBomber: http://smokingbomber.tumblr.com/

For helping us with all sorts of random work and encouragement and acting as a sanity check on various documents, and getting us an awesome host. Without her, we’d have no MUSH.