Spirit Guardians

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Before King Arthur and Christianity ruled the isles, the Tuatha De Danann presided over mortal man. Deities or merely those who had grasped the truth of magic it hardly mattered. Peace existed for a time, squabbling neighbours united by their benevolent gods. Then the Fomorians came, sailing across the ocean under darkness, in gleaming ships of silver. Placing any misgivings aside and innocent of the dread entity that had enslaved the warlike outsiders, their princess sought to welcome the strangers. Beguiled by the Fomorians fair prince Elatha, she bore him a son.Countless tongues have relayed the story through multiple revisions, though each version remains essentially the same tale; light is deceived by dark and its offspring corrupted, humanity forgets the truth, clouding it in the reassuring language of a struggle firmly set as fiction.

Save for a precious few.

Close to a millennium ago, the Mervin family recieved an unexpected visitor. Brought in by the tides clinging to the shattered remains of what once was a mast, the strangers remarkable appearance caused consternation; his awakening spurred only further questions. For his part, the shujenga found himself bursting with questions that left his courteous hosts puzzled. Among them the very eldest daughter alone persisted, stubbornly refusing to let language be a barrier between them. Eventually a common understanding grew between them, developing in time to love. Stirred into wakefulness by the union, the goddess known today as Saint Brigit became the first to answer mortalkinds plea. Appointed stewards, their objective is straightforward: to preserve spirits both benevolent and malevolent from the encroaching disbelief of humankind, whilst maintaining those self-same spirits do not enact revenge upon the mortals who have abandoned them.