Sry i cant

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Sry i cant
Date of Cutscene: 11 February 2017
Location: Text messaging
Synopsis: Norie is Concerned over a recent rumor. Ami is even more concerned. Someday Kunzite is in fact going to be shot as the messenger.
Cast of Characters: Ami Mizuno, Kunzite, Norie Okana

<PHONE> A text from Norie Okana at Sat Feb 11 12:57:15 2017: Did Ami and Takashi break up? I heard a rumor.

<PHONE> You text Norie Okana: Not that I've heard. The last I've seen concrete evidence for, you were there for.

<PHONE> A text from Norie Okana at Sat Feb 11 13:02:47 2017: Ah. I heard that she has a new girlfriend because she was seen kissing someone. I am wondering if Takashi knows and how much armor I need to wear to the labs today when he finds out.

<PHONE> You text Norie Okana: Any rumor that says that Ami was seen kissing someone in public is leaving out significant elements.
<PHONE> You text Norie Okana: Specifically: the chance that she was doing so of her own free will approaches zero. Either someone sprung something on her, it was a momentary friendly gesture that was enlarged upon in the retellings, or there is mind-control or a duplicate involved.

<PHONE> A text from Norie Okana at Sat Feb 11 13:06:47 2017: I am wondering what the virtues of making a duplicate to kiss it is. But now I'm realizing that could had solved a lot of problems I know about in the past.

<PHONE> You text Norie Okana: I am, granted, thinking more along the lines of a person who wanted Agera-san to be irritated, and therefore made an illusion to make herself look like Ami and went and kissed someone in that guise in public.

<PHONE> A text from Norie Okana at Sat Feb 11 13:09:30 2017: Also a possibility.

<PHONE> You text Norie Okana: Have you tried asking her, or shall I play go-between myself?

<PHONE> A text from Norie Okana at Sat Feb 11 13:13:41 2017: I do not know Mizuno-san's number. I do not quite know she even knows who I am. Perhaps you should ask her.

<PHONE> You text Ami Mizuno: I am receiving panicked messages from some of your boyfriend's more social coworkers, wondering if they need to develop new forms of armor before exchanging words with him. Did something happen?

<PHONE> A text from Ami Mizuno at Sat Feb 11 13:16:15 2017: Uhhhhh. Maybe? There was this girl that was corrupted with dark energy. I think she needs purification but she refused it so I sent her to him to see if he can help her control it. She's an Eclipse employee anyways.

<PHONE> You text Ami Mizuno: So you have not, in fact, kicked him to the curb to replace him with a pretty young trophy girlfriend?

<PHONE> A text from Ami Mizuno at Sat Feb 11 13:17:05 2017: .... WHAT!?
<PHONE> A text from Ami Mizuno at Sat Feb 11 13:17:37 2017: ... OH GODS. MOTOKI SAW HER KISS ME. Ff. No. Oh ... oh I think I'm going to be sick.

<PHONE> You text Ami Mizuno: I don't understand their concerns either. You'd think it would be obviously not the case; there are no buildings missing from the city.

<PHONE> A text from Ami Mizuno at Sat Feb 11 13:18:39 2017: sry i cant .. afk. p. k. w/e.

<PHONE> You text Norie Okana: Checked with her. She is sufficiently appalled at the suggestion that I don't think Takashi has anything to worry about.

<PHONE> A text from Norie Okana at Sat Feb 11 13:21:14 2017: Well. If I walk in and he's building a doomsday weapon over this at least I'll have something to calm him down with hopefully.

<PHONE> You text Norie Okana: Yes. The words 'you idiot, actually talk to your girlfriend first.'