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MahouMUSH Staff

Staff is here to help you tell the stories you want to tell, and to make sure incoming characters are in the theme of Mahou Shoujo. Besides the occasional plot, we’d like to have a largely hands off role in how the MUSH develops- and step in only when asked, or when we need to.

Here, on M2, Staff have Ice Cream themed names. Your Staff, introducing themselves here, are:

Mint Chip: Hey there - I’m Mint Chip, your Director, as well as the creator of the csys. I am responsible for the overall thrust of the game. My first Mahou Shoujo, as well as Anime, was Sailor Moon, and since then I’ve also picked up a fondness for Nanoha, Madoka, Futari Wa Pretty Cure, and Shugo Chara!.

Phish Food: Yyyyo. I am appstaff and I specialize in Sailor Moon, People of Tokyo, original themes, and little fudge fishies.

Rainbow Sherbet:

Neapolitan: Hi, I'm Neapolitan, proofreader, cartographer, and general staff-of-many-flavors. The first Mahou Shoujo I remember watching was CardCaptor Sakura, and I've enjoyed several since then, especially the Pretty Cures, Shugo Chara!, and Nanoha.

Tin Roof Sundae:

Catastrophic Crunch:

Butter Pecan:

Half Baked:

Staff can always be paged when On-Duty on the Staff Listing (+help +staff), Be contacted through the +request system (+help +request) or via E-mail at