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The world of Gearwork used to be a magical and place of harmony of different people with different thoughts working together- until a man named Wraithton who couldn't comprehend dissimilar people working together brought terror to their world and took it over, using dark and despicable magic to enslave everyone and make everyone act exactly the same.

The few remaining free people put the last of their hope into magic watches and sent off clockwork fairies, led by a fairy named 'Dabble', from their world to see out new 'Steam Sentinels' on Earth, legendary warriors prophesized to save their world from the Red Tree Organization, led by Director Wraithton and his Laymen.

Of course, now the Red Tree Organization have found Earth--- and Director Wraithton intends to capitalize on this discovery. Can Dabble find his prophesized Sentinels before Earth and Gearwork are forever cloaked in darkness by this new threat!?

The Theme Contact is: Craft

Current Cast

The Steam Sentinels

New Sentinels Incoming Soon!~

Red Tree

Craft: Inventor and the first of Red Tree to appear on Earth.
Chambers: Wraithton's Daughter and general trouble maker (especially for Craft)

Inactive Cast

Steam Sentinel Joy: The first of the Steam Sentinels on Earth and unofficial leader.
Steam Sentinel Spirit: The Second of the Steam Sentinels and awesome friend!


Once upon a time there was a world known as Gearwork. Gearwork was a relatively peaceful place, where everyone worked in harmony- despite their differences. Until Wraithton came along. Director Wraithton, a dour man who could not possibly comprehend how many different people could work together, decided it would be more efficient if everyone was the same.

Thus, he created the 'Red Tree' organization and began to one by one use some sort of despairing dark magic-- a cog placed on the head of a person that would make them all the same. He began to harness this energy for his own ends- he became greedy and soon- was no different than the energy he sought to control. He would strip Gearwork of it's individuality, it's resources and desire even more.

Those who managed to retain who they were and remain themselves spoke of a prophecy of 'Legendary Warriors', 'Steam Sentinels' who would come to them in their time of need- and they sent out the last of their world's remaining clockwork fairies, Dabble and her friends, with the last of their world's true hope in the form of wrist watches-- and she was sent to a prospective world that had not been touched by the 'Red Tree' yet.

It did not go un-noticed of course. The fairy was tracked to Earth and- besides the threat of the impending potential Sentinels that could bring about his downfall, Wraithton was also led to the fountain of magical potential that is Earth. Eager and Greedy, he sent out the Laymen-- his group of Generals, to enslave the people of Earth and strip it of it's energy and resources for the Red Tree Organization-- the epi-center of this source seeming to be Tokyo.

And thus, our story begins, with Dabble desperately seeking out her would-be Sentinels before the Red Tree can begin it's attack.



Steam Sentinels has a very very 'Steampunk' feel to it. Victorian-styled clothes, the terminology, and 'Gearwork', the magical world of the theme, looks a lot like one might expect steampunk London to look like.

If you need some help with some terminology, check out:


Gearwork is a sort of victorian-styled 'steampunk' world. People used to work together and live in harmony here. It's a magical world, with clockwork fairies that would help the people. Then Wraithton took it over and now it's a 'Dark Realm'. The last few remaining free people put their trust and hope into magical, decorative watches to have the last of the remaining fairies find legendary warriors, Precure, to save their world.

The Steam Sentinels

Steam Sentinel: The girls and boys attuned to the watches and hope of Gearwork. People who know what it means to be yourself. These will be apped as they come in, and are not particularly defined. Their naming scheme is 'Steam Sentinel <name>', like 'Steam Sentinel Joy' or 'Sentinel Joy'.

Dabble: The lead fairy. Adorable clockwork stuffed fairy. Joy's Partner. Top hat. Tiny adorable suit.

Clockwork Fairies: A Steam Sentinel's Partner Mascot. Fairies can tinker and work on a Sentinels watch over time to further empower their partner towards a mid-season form upgrade- that will be talked about at a future time. They tend to have names like 'Gear' or 'Valve', but anything appropriately 'steampunk' sounding will work.

Red Tree

Wraithton - The leader. Used to be a man, is more a powerful force of darkness now He leads the "Red Tree" organization from a massive dark clockwork tower on Gearwork. He's more an NPC-- the theme's 'elemental force of darkness'.

All Generals in this faction have the ability to summon a youma called a 'Cog'.

Faction?: This group is about enslavement and resource control at it's core rather than outright world destruction. You could probably make a strong case for Eclipse.

The Laymen - Wraithton's Elite Generals. Open to name changes and concept changes on a per app basis but the current concepts for them are as follows.

Craft: An inventor and tinker. Smarter than you demeanor but still considers himself the penultimate gentleman. Has a bowler hat and a cane.

Hammer: Big brute with a hammer. Not 'dumb'- though not the sharpest tool in the shed either. Is direct and to the point with his speeches. If all you have is a hammer than all your problems are nails.

Wheeler: A hard worker who rised from nothing to become the hard worker she is today. A real blue collar, roll up your sleeves type. Expounds on WORKING HARD- except ALL THE TIME AND NEVER TAKE A BREAK! Overalls, rolled up long sleeve shirt. PUNCHING. All the punching.

Pennington: The strongest of the four Laymen- his personality is that of a middle manager who leads the other three. Excessively cares about time tables and being on time. Fancy Victorian era black suit and top hat (With a clock built into it.). Steam Sentinels always make him late and this is why he hates them so.

The Board - The Second-In-Commands

Wraithton's right and left hands.

Chambers: Fancy noble-like lady in a black dress. Wraithton's fair daughter. Aspires to wrest control of Red Tree from her father- has a cackling oujo laugh. Fight with red colored dark wind from a hand fan. Her Cogs tend to be stronger than most- due to her insanely cruel heart.

Silver: Victorian Era Soldier Garb. Fancy man who claims to be honorable- except it's his idea of honor- which is twisted. He used to be Gearwork's hero- a Steam Sentinel in his own right- now he's been corrupted into a hilarious shadow of his former self. Fights with a brace of Victorian era flintlock pistols that shoot dark energy.

The Youma

Cogs - Cogs are created by the power of a 'Cog' being placed on the forehead of someone who is trying very hard to be someone they're not to 'fit in'. They'll go into a trance like state and 'fit in'-- their power being drained for the Red Tree organization. This power can be used to also summon a monster to cause chaos-- called a 'Cog' aswell- a big steamwork machination of darkness that tends to take the form of something related to it's target-- for example, someone trying to 'act cool' and 'not into nerdy things' when they are --- the Cog might take on the form of a humanoid creature with a cool hairdo and sunglasses and maybe shoot beams from the sunglasses. They are summoned by the General calling out 'Become another Cog in the Machine! GEAR UP!'.

Clockworks - Mechanical soldiers powered by darkness that serve as the goon squads. Complete jobbers and meant to allow for cool fights of magical girls plowing through a wave of them.

Theme Music

Steam Sentinels: Out of Darkness - Abney Park
Red Tree: Another Cog in the Machine - The Cog is Dead