Steps Toward Adulthood (Makio)

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Steps Toward Adulthood (Makio)
Date of Cutscene: 15 December 2017
Location: Earth Court Frat House
Synopsis: Makio sets off from his near unnoticeable time at the ECFH.
Cast of Characters: Makio Ryu

It's certainly been /different/ this month. Makio shivered and pulled his hoodie tighter as he walked out of the building that the Earth Court Frat House topped off. He'd been staying over for a few days till now. For someone so extroverted and seemingly unable to keep quiet and to himself, this situation made him a SURPRIZINGLY nice temporary house mate.

The bluenette 'cyclops' had basically just taken up a little space as he came in for sleep. Sometimes he took food, but always with promise he'd make return on it. Given how him showing up usually means he brings food with him, that may seem like a promise VERY likely to be kept. Aside from that he was mainly out busying himself with his usual stuff at school, work, or the sea park. Otherwise he was feeling too guilty about having pulled such a stunt as he did, or he was too distracted figuring out how to clean up his mess.

Unless people specifically caught him and pulled him aside, he likely seemed more like a figment of imagination than a guest. There one day and gone almost as quickly, with little to nothing to prove the in between. The gone was happening right now actually, he was hesitant to go but, it was time to grow up a little. He set this in motion, so he needed to FINISH it.

He'd started off on a wrong, childish foot. Then, he'd caused a little trouble for a small amount of people. What was coming was going to suck a lot, but it had to be done. Less video game time… Even less sea park time than he'd had since he became a mahou. It'd work out and all but, gods help him with the ability to FOCUS. He took a deep breath and tried to make a more adult step forward into adult hood now. Mess fixing commence!