Suspect Decisions (Ami Mizuno)

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Suspect Decisions (Ami Mizuno)
Date of Cutscene: 16 June 2016
Location: Sailor Scout Command Center
Synopsis: Ami questions Nephrite's suspect decisions, as well as her own. Then she makes yet another suspect decision.
Cast of Characters: Ami Mizuno

Ami Mizuno sat and stared at her phone. For more than a week, now, she's been debating sending him a text, but what on earth would she say? It only got worse when Kunzite told her who he really is.

Some part of her wasn't surprised by the news, but most of her just wanted to run and hide. The problem is, the best person to run and hide to was presently on a tearing rage through Tokyo.

And while her other best friend has been a tremendous help where she can, Ami is actually ashamed to admit to her that she isn't entirely sure she made the right decision, even now.

When the best option her friend can come up with to deal with the problem is "kick its butt until it goes away", there is a certain desire to distance herself from that answer.

Although butt-kicking certainly has its place, and maybe this is one of those places.

But Ami abhors violence, and finding a better option is always her aim. Which is why she has stared at her phone for so long.

Setting it back down on the table beside her, Ami went back to review the notes from Mamoru for the twentieth time this week.

The story that information told was not a pretty one. The only real chance was to go up and confront the Xenian--and whatever else it decided to throw at them--directly. She'd even written an algorithm so that all she had to do was plug in the current time and she'd immediately know the exact angle and power necessary to teleport the entire team up to the thing.

But the decision to go relied on one very suspicious piece of material: Nephrite must have been to the asteroid himself. Or if he hadn't, then there's no way he could have calculated the mass. And that meant he had a sample. And that meant he was either more of an idiot or more of a genius than she had ever thought.

Maybe both. Probably both.

Ami sighed and leaned back in her chair, rubbing the bridge of her nose. She'd been at this every free minute this entire week. Usagi was going to be mad at her for not taking more "Ami-time", but the fate of the planet hinged on this decision.

And while technically it wasn't her decision to make alone, Ami knew that her friends would look to her to provide guidance on the best course of action. And she liked it that way; it's why she broke up with him in the first place: if her friends couldn't rely on her to make good decisions and give good advice, what exactly was Sailor Mercury for anyways?

But that didn't mean she was happy at the loss of a sounding board for her ideas. And the worst of it is, she was fairly certain he had good intentions, just terrible motivations and decisionmaking.

Of course, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, too.

Ami stood and stretched, then glanced at the sleeping cat next to her. "You're going to scold me for this," she said to Luna quietly, then grabbed her phone and opened the way back out of the command center.

As she headed towards her home, Ami fired off a quick text message:

To Takashi: Information trade: Plants vs. Zombies. Dinner on me at Festa Karaoke. 7 PM.

With the message sent, Ami called Festa to make the appointment. Then, she headed home to get ready for her not-date.