Sweet Dreams (Narumi Nendai)

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Sweet Dreams (Narumi Nendai)
Date of Cutscene: 19 December 2018
Location: Nendai household
Synopsis: Narumi purifies Manako, and they discuss their future, as Kasumi plans to move to Kyoto.
Thanks to: Everyone who helped me with Narumi's story for as long as I was able to enjoy it.
Cast of Characters: Narumi Nendai

It was the early morning, and the sleeping Narumi Nendai was in the palace she'd dreamed into existence for her Dream Princess Narumi persona.

"You are absolutely certain, then?" said the eerie triple-voice of Maboroshi no Manako, the eye-filled roiling mass of shadows. "You are ... able to produce purification through your weaponized lucid dreaming?"

"Yep!" said Narumi. "Now that I know what I'm doing, it'll be a piece of cake!"

"Then I see no reason to wait even another second," said Manako.

Narumi nodded, and raised her hand. "This'll ... probably sting a little bit, Manako-chan."

Manako chuckled softly. "I know that better than you do, Rumi-chan."

Narumi nodded again. A pearlescent glow began emanating from her hand. Manako did her best to stay still; at first, nothing happened, but then she started letting out a loud groan, which raised in volume to become a scream.

One of the three voices went silent. Then another. Then the third. The shadows faded.

In their place was a small cat with two tails. Its fur was midnight blue, and seemed lightly dusted with glitter -- or stars.

Narumi took a few deep breaths. That had taken a lot out of her. But first things first. She crouched down next to the cat. "Yumemi-chan?" she said softly.

The cat opened its cobalt-blue eyes. "Oh," it said, in a little girl's voice. "It worked!" The cat stretched, and staggered her feet. "It worked, Rumi-chan!"

Narumi smiled. "Yeah," she said softly. "It really did."

Yozora no Yumemi giggled, and leaped onto Narumi's shoulder in one bound. "Thank you so much, Rumi-chan!" she said, nuzzling Narumi's cheek. "I'm finally free from the darkness, and from both the Prince and the Pact!"

"Yeah," said Narumi. One hand reached up to stroke Yumemi's fur, but then she hesitated. "I, uh, was expecting something more ... human-ish."

"Not all true forms of myths take the form of their animated counterparts," said Yumemi archly. She paused. "Though I suppose it's possible for me to take a humanoid form," she added. "I have mentioned that the denizens of dreams are much more physically malleable than the natives of the waking world."

Narumi giggled. "Wow," she said. "No wonder transitioning was easier for you."

"Indeed," said Yumemi.

Narumi got up, and sat on her throne. "Mom found a job in Kyoto," she said. "I guess she just wants to take me away from Tokyo's monster-nonsense."

Yumemi furrowed her brow. "That will not protect you from Nightmares, Rumi-chan," she said. "But I suppose, for the sake of her own peace of mind ..."

"Yeah." Narumi shrugged. "And I can take 'em."

Yumemi chuckled. "That you can!" she said. "Have you written goodbye letters to your friends yet?"

"Oh, yeah," said Narumi. "I'm gonna send them off tomorrow. I even added that note asking Ariel-san to tell Sailor Mars the thing." Manako had confessed that she didn't actually know anything about the Silver Millennium; all she knew was that there had been a Guardian of Mars of whom Sailor Mars was a reincarnation.

"Excellent," said Yumemi.

Narumi looks down at herself. "I'm pretty sure I'm gonna ... have an easier time making friends in Kyoto," she says. "I'll ... well, I'll probably be socially awkward at first." She smiles. "But I can take that, too!"

"Ah, such stalwart optimism," said Yumemi dryly. "Rumi-chan, I'm so glad Lacrima-san persuaded me to turn away from darkness."

"Oh, definitely," said Narumi. "I am too ... Memi-chan!"

In the waking world, the sun began to rise. Soon, the light began to Narumi's room, as she lay there with one arm around the nekomata doll she'd gotten in the toybox dream, and with a sleeping nekomata with midnight-blue fur curled up at the foot of her bed. It was, in a sense, the first day of the rest of Narumi and Yumemi's lives.

And if either of them had anything to say about it, their shared future would be a good one.