The Chaos Before the Storm (Usagi Tsukino)

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The Chaos Before the Storm (Usagi Tsukino)
Date of Cutscene: 30 January 2016
Location: Tokyo
Synopsis: Usagi manages to escape the Tsukino car during the evacuation.
Cast of Characters: Usagi Tsukino

Traffic is horrible. Even the side roads are packed with people 'who know a shortcut.' In the Tsukino car, everyone is tense. Mama and Papa keep talking back and forth, frantic whispers meant to go unheard as to not worry the children, but voices carry in the sedan.

"Did we remember everything? The papers? Family photos?"

"Yes, dear, everything's in the trunk. Don't worry."

Shingo is trying to act brave. Usagi wants to hug him close and pet his hair and assure him everything will be okay. But the last few times she tried, he'd just hunched further away.

Luna is tight in her arms, purring away. Even that does little to calm the girl's bouncing knee.

She's worried and afraid, but for different reasons than everyone else. She needs to get out of the car.

Usagi is not a fatalist. But even she knows things may not end well tonight. She scratches Luna's ear and whispers. "If anything happens, watch after them?"

Luna's purr turns into a growl.

They finally manage a turn onto a familiar street, and the slow rolling speeds of the vehicles around them slow even further. She looks up at the building where Mamoru's new apartment is. Is Jadeite up there still, watching the traffic below? Or is he somewhere, helping someone organize something?

Usagi's eyes steel in determination. "Shingo, I'm not doing a good job of calming Luna down. Will you hold her for me?"

When Shingo has a grip on the cat, perhaps tighter than it would have been were he not more terrified than he let on, Usagi is out of the car.

Papa rolls down the window. She can hear a cat's screech in the backseat. "Get back here, Usagi!"

"I need to get him, Papa! He doesn't have a television yet, he won't know!"

"Dammit young lady! Get back in this car this instant!"

"He has a motorcycle!" A lie. "We'll beat you to the checkpoint!"

Fortunately, the vehicles in from of the Tsukino car moves forward. The vehicles behind begin to honk.

Papa slams his hand against the steering wheel. "You best be there, young lady, or so help me god."

Mama is crying.

The window rolls up, cutting off sound from human and cat alike.

Usagi runs.

And she's crying, too. Not because she's worried, really. She is. But she's crying because she's afraid. And she's angry that she's crying, that she just wants to run back to the car where her family is, to get away and be safe, because she needs to be brave.

Usako. That's what bravery is. It's not a lack of fear-- it's having the strength to act despite it. It's fighting even though all you want to do is run. That's what bravery is. That's what courage is. You are the bravest person I know.

Usagi leans against the wall of the building as she remembers.

Well...if he believed it, she guesses it's okay.