The Crazy Weird Feelings

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The Crazy Weird Feelings
Date of Cutscene: 13 April 2016
Location: Momo's bedroom
Synopsis: Momo has a very important talk with her pink cat plush, Mister Tiddles, about the weird fuzzies in her tummy around her best-friend.
Cast of Characters: Momo Akatsuki

Momo tossed her backpack atop her bed and then flopped herself unceremoniously beside it. Her attention was focused on a rather impressively dressed pink cat plushie across the way.

Mister Tiddles was, of course, a pink cat plushie but he came equipped with a yellow plastic monocle, a soft black felt moustachio, and a impressive silk top hat with an equally impressive pastel pink ribbon atop it. A fine gentleman indeed. He was also Momo's closest confidante on all things she hadn't the heart to share with even her best-friend.

Momo inched even closer to Mister Tiddles and began to whisper conspiratorially with him. "Mister Tiddles-sensei, I... I feel weird around Sachiko. She's my best-friend and I told her what I think the fuzzies mean because that's what they usually mean in anime. 'Cept I did it with a kiss and just mumbled that I loved her. What do you think Mister Tiddles-sensei?".

Mister Tiddles, holder of all knowledge benign and arcane stared at Momo with his magenta-embroidered eyes for a lengthy moment before she started to nod, and smile.

"Okay Mister Tiddles-sensei! I'll do my best!".

Her best at what is anyone's guess, aside from herself and Mister Tiddles.