The Crazy Weird Girl At School (Momo Akatsuki)

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The Crazy Weird Girl At School (Momo Akatsuki)
Date of Cutscene: 15 March 2016
Location: Momo's bedroom
Synopsis: Momo ponders over her meeting of a potential new friend with the help of Mister Tiddles, a pink cat plush.
Thanks to: Sachiko Hayakawa
Cast of Characters: Momo Akatsuki, Mister Tiddles, Roy, Gigi, Biv

Momo arrived home after being picked up by Biv only for Biv and Roy to whisk off, leaving her alone in the house. Well, except for Gigi but Gigi wasn't talking so Momo went to her room to talk to someone she knew would listen to every word with rapt attention.

Closing the door behind her, Momo tossed her backpack to the side and flung herself on her bed to stare at a pink cat plush near the front which she started to talk to.

"Mister Tiddles, I met the weirdest girl ever today. She kept playing pretend and even played pretend in front of an adult! She said the adult was an evil woman come to take time away or something!".

Mister Tiddles stared at Momo with bright green, embroidered eyes on his catty face and she continued to speak.

"The woman didn't really seem evil, although she was maybe a little rough with Sachiko-chan. That's the girls name, Mister Tiddles. She sits at my table in class and even though she's weird, I hope we can be friends.".

Mister Tiddles promptly fell over on the bed as Momo shifted around a little bit, and Momo let out a sigh.

"Oh, Mister Tiddles. Can't you go five minutes without falling asleep?".