The Forsaken Doll (Misa Sakagami)

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The Forsaken Doll (Misa Sakagami)
Date of Cutscene: 14 July 2018
Location: Misa's Home
Synopsis: Warning: DARK. Misa's return to her parents home is not as happy as she expected it...
Cast of Characters: Misa Sakagami

"This is Juniper with the MNN, reporting live! We received an anonymous tip that the missing child, Misa Sakagami was going to be returned to her home today! Who is the mysterious person who kidnapped her, and why would they keep such a young girl for such a long time?! Well, I am here to find out!"

The camera pans to an image of the Sakagami house front door, and from the shadows of a building nearby, Misa is seen walking out. She looks tired, and her clothes are ragged. Her mother, who had been looking outside of a window can be seen with her eyes widening. Tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. There is a flash of horror on her face for a split second, though the news caster doesn't seem to notice it. "And here we see her mother who had been looking for her desperately for the past year coming out to greet her!" A tight embrace, and then Misa is taken inside promptly. "And there we have it! ...There are still a lot of questions unanswered, we will attempt to set up an interview later, but for now we will let the happy family enjoy her return!"

- Four days later -

Mother: "I... I can't do this anymore, Junichi..."

Father: "I know, it's hard honey, but she's back!"

M: "You know as well as I do that it's not going to last!!! Haven't you noticed?!"

F: "I know.... I-I know, but maybe she's back for real this time!"

M: "She's not. She's going to do it again, she's going to disappear every night, she's going to get out in spite of locking all the doors and windows, we even BARRED her windows thinking maybe she was sleepwalking getting out! Something is wrong with her, and... and I just... she hasn't... aged a day since we adopted her 3 years ago. Nothing changes with her!!!"

F: "But she's our daughter, we adopted her, we can't just..."

M: "...Junichi... can we really love someone like that?"

F: "..."

M: "You're afraid of her too."

F: "..."

M: "You think we'd be better off without her too. It hurts so much, every time she leaves and comes back and every time something weird happens shortly after, she's like some sort of demon or curse hanging over our household! And that goddess darned doll that she always keeps around is so creepy! I can feel the thing watching us every time we look away from it!"

F: "......"

M: "You should say something!"

F: "...Misa is right behind you."

M: "MISA?!, honey, I didn't mean it, honey, I..!"

- Later that night -

Misa is curled up on her bed, she's locked her door and barred it with everything she could move. Her parents have given up trying to get her to come out. Her father tried for longer than her mother, but neither one seemed seriously intent on breaking down the door or anything to get to Misa. Maeko sits next to Misa.

"You don't need them, Misa... don't you remember, I'm your best friend..."


"Aw... giving me the silent treatment... this one wasn't me, Misa. This one was all you. You made it worse, you know. Not even trying to tell them anything..."


"This is why I drove everyone away from you, Misa. They can't understand the gift that I've given you. Nobody could. You have eternal life, Misa! An unageing body that can be fixed with just magical energy!"


"You don't need them. You don't need anyone but your loving Maeko-chan."


"Don't worry, Misa... I'll take care of you. I'll love you... we're both forsaken dolls after all..."

"...How can I believe you...?"

"Have I ever REALLY let something bad happen to you?"

"...I don't..."

"I haven't, Misa. Everything I've done is to take care of you, to prepare you to fully receive your gift. Misa, I'm not even really here. You made me. You're the one who keeps making me. You want me, because you know I'll always be here, whether you want it or not."

"...I was just lonely..."

"You made the wish that brought me, Misa."

"...I was hurting..."

"You created my blessing and curse."

"Stop it..."

"You could have gotten rid of me ages ago, Misa."

"STOP IT..."

"You can't get rid of yourself, Misa... I am you."

"No... no you're not..."

"We are one."


"I love you, Misa."


"Yosh yosh, good girl... come to Maeko, Maeko will make everything okay."

Dark energy flows through the house, as Maeko's small hand brushes through Misa's hair.

Once again. Misa Sakagami disappears from the Sakagami house.

The Sakagami family disappears the next day.

"...Heehee... I've won. Mom... I'm coming for you..."

Misa and Maeko have not been spotted in the city since that time.