The Great Awesome Good Month (Reiko Touyama)

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The Great Awesome Good Month (Reiko Touyama)
Date of Cutscene: 14 March 2016
Location: Reiko's Bedroom
Synopsis: Things are going much better. Much much better.
Cast of Characters: Reiko Touyama

Reiko ran past her grandpa in a hurry, carrying her backpack instead of wearing it. She almost bowled him over. She only spared a moment. "Sorry Grandpa!" before she shut her door and her grandpa merely raised a brow and shook his head- as he often did. Reiko seemed in good spirits. It was better than the last month at least.

Reiko almost fainted from the run home against her door- out of breath, but she wore a tremendous smile on her face. -- and then the squeal came from her mouth finally...


Haru gave her /White Day/ chocolate--- something very very elaborate and specially made. Two elaborate crafted koi, colored perfectly, molded perfectly-- tasting silken and smooth. She had one of the two left- she didn't want to eat it. She ate one with Haru out in front of the school, sharing it.

She'd risk keeping it in the fridge for a bit. She could tell Grandpa the truth. Grandpa understood her.

Mom and Dad might be a different story. That's okay. They could say whatever they wanted, she'd ignore it- as usual. It's not like her parents actually cared. Else they'd listen to her, they'd try to be around a more... right?

This month was going just great wasn't it? Sure... it had some bad stuff. Chouko nearly died thanks to a Shade-- but she also woke up as Prism Keeper Purple! And-- Hoshi woke up too! as Yellow! And Kaeru as Blue! It was kind of silly looking back a month now- how worried she felt that she was going to be alone...

Maybe Roy was right. More Prism Keepers would wake up when they were needed-- and that happened exactly as he said it would. One by one! None of them blamed her either- like she thought they might--- dragging them into this danger with her. Each one had said that- they'd join her even if it was under better circumstances- and knowing the danger there was.

She'd had to talk to Tadase soon about Virtue. For some reason, she felt like that was going to be easier to do now. She felt less awkward at least. Maybe... she had to listen to Hoshi-chan on that. Just relax- and be yourself.

--and the rest will come without issue.