The Great Reblog (Mamoru Chiba)

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The Great Reblog (Mamoru Chiba)
Date of Cutscene: 30 June 2016
Location: Earth Court Frat House
Synopsis: Usagi's birthday. Pre-Charity-Ball. Very sulk. Many tumblr. Such reblog. Wow.
Cast of Characters: Mamoru Chiba

Everyone -- but for Kunzite and Mamoru -- has already left for the charity ball, and Kunzite has already finished helping fasten the weird complicated clasps on the ridiculously complex period outfit Mamoru'd insisted on involving himself in for said charity ball 'in order to match with Usagi's ridiculously floofy dress have you SEEN that thing it's beautiful but oh my GOD'.

Mamoru and Kazuo haven't left yet because Mamoru got a text from Usagi about an hour ago saying she would be really really late because her mother and father got their wires crossed about what she was doing for her birthday and when, and the reservations her mother had made were really hard to get, and and and. And her gift is burning a hole in his pocket now.

So of course Mamoru's on Tumblr. Which of course means Kunzite's found some reason to be elsewhere for the moment.

He leans forward in his seat and squints. Sure, he has a lot of followers for his secret Sailor Moon Urban Legends blog-- he has the most pictures, he has the most believable 'sightings' stories, he has the most entertaining commentaries, and he's a shipper, so OF COURSE he has a lot of followers--

--and sometimes they recommend things to him. Some of them he reblogs. Sometimes they submit things to him and he publishes them. Sometimes he gets @mentioned in recs.

Sometimes they're fanfics. Granted, Real People Fic can get really sketch really fast, especially if you or your friends are personally involved in them, but sometimes they're hilarious or so incredibly off the wall that... but really, this is some fanfic about Tuxedo Kamen and Frost Knight of all bloody people. And the original date on the tumblr post is... during spring break.

And it's really... it's really terrifyingly spot on EXCEPT FOR THE SHIP OBVIOUSLY.

Mamoru squints harder.

"YOLO," he finally mutters to himself, and hits 'reblog' on the rec.

Then he gets up and adjusts his cuffs, then henshins into his tuxedo, ditches the cape and mask, and calls out "I'm taking the balcony route to the party BYE" before seeing if he can get out the 'door' before Kunzite can teleport.