The Magic of the Heart

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The Magic of the Heart

Everyone (Well, most everyone.) has a Heart on MahouMUSH. And we don’t mean the body organ, but the metaphysical conception of one, and it has two sides.

The Light Side of the Heart’s main components are emotions like Compassion, Charity, Love, and Hope. It’s what makes you get up out of bed smiling, it what makes you say good morning to your family and give your younger sister a hug on the way out. It’s what makes you help the stranger that just tripped up to his feet and ask if he’s okay. It what makes you believe in wonder and curiosity and pushes you to learn. It’s what helps you stick up for people who have a harder time finding their own light.

The Dark Side’s main components are Hate, Greed and Despair. It’s what makes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and wonder why you bothered. It’s what makes you ignore the person who tripped because you have better things to do. It’s what makes you want to walk out of school because what’s the point? It’s what makes you see people as weak and not worth your time or effort: better that effort be used on you and you alone.

The Darkness knows not the light, and its Heart is a complete organ of Dark. It is hard for a being born of the Darkness to understand concepts of the Light.

Everyone on Earth has this concept of a heart with both sides, beating inside them, and sometimes they are given a name -- a Linker Core, or a Heart Flower or some other term -- but they’re all the same thing in the end. To properly use the magic contained within though, a Magical Girl, or Boy, or even an Antagonist, requires a Focus of some sort for the power. A Mascot. A Valued Friend. A Special Artifact.

When a Magical Hero or an Antagonist uses their Focus to access and bring forth the true nature of their heart, they gain the ability to transform into something amazing, and are able to utilize the magic inside their heart and understand the world around them as something more. Those born of the Darkness itself know their path so deeply in their black hearts that they typically do not need a Focus.

When a Magical Girl or Boy lets True Despair overcome them, they lose their ability to fight. It’s very important for a Magical hero to keep the Dark Half of their heart in check, lest they lose the ability to transform and express the Light Side of their Heart and help their friends and allies on a magical level.

In recent times, a form of ‘Heartless’ magic has been developed by some dimensions, but such magic finds itself too easily manipulated by the Darkness without guidance. Though not inherently evil, it is easy for Darkness to fill that emotional void, especially in times of crisis. It was this effect that tore Belka apart, and this effect which continues to corrupt the various Belkan artifacts scattered throughout the universe.