The No Good Terrible Month (Reiko Touyama)

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The No Good Terrible Month (Reiko Touyama)
Date of Cutscene: 21 January 2016
Location: Touyama Household
Synopsis: Reiko's January somehow gets worse! What a horrible start to the new year!
Thanks to: Everyone!
Cast of Characters: Reiko Touyama

This month was terrible and Reiko could not wait for it to be over. It was a horrible start to a new year. She'd lost her chance with the boy she really liked. She let her guard down around her bully, She went to a big dance alone because she had no other choice, Ayana had become a monster- then not a monster- and now they had to free her from her... jerk 'brother', She made a hot mess of herself approaching one of her more favorite idol singers, The situation with Misa was worse than she thought it was-- did the jealous doll actually possess her all the time!? -- and finally, Ugh... Mei ran away to the tip of the country to chase some lead about her mom.

She stared at the ceiling of her room like it was the worst enemy she could imagine as she laid in bed. She'd already cried herself silly returning from the train station seeing Mei off- and was done for the evening on that front at least. Her eyes were still kind of glassy though- and still did that short hyperventilating type breath every so often.

The first thing she'd done is talk to Roy- The Keepers' mascot- and boy, was his face red with anger. Sure. It was always red, he was a cardinal, but he was just ANGRY. 'Mei was reckless! She's supposed to be in charge! You have no hope against Griselda alone! How are you going to manage the Shades all by yourself!?' and then finally 'I'm sorry. I'm just flabbergasted.'. At least he realized all the things he just said was a lot of bad things at once. Roy had deep belief in Reiko- but the loss of Mei would make things just a bit harder.

Really, it was just hitting Roy as hard as it was Reiko.

Reiko'd been left in charge. She was team leader now. That made sense. She was Red's lieutenant in the story. It was natural for her to be in charge if Red couldn't be. Of course, that came with the responsibility of holding onto the Chroma Prisms. She'd examined each one. White outer sheen, with a dull core of color. She'd compared them with her activated one- which was bright and shiny- filled to the brim with 'orange'. An inert prism looked like a plastic toy. It was strange.

Part of her agreed with what Roy said though. She needed help. Could she rely on Ikiko...? Ayana...? Tadase? or was that cursed doll going to be jealous enough to continue to 'help'. What if Griselda showed up again. How was she going to handle that? Tadase had mentioned a group called 'Virtue'--- could she trust them? It sounded like she might run into awkward situations there... with Tadase and Amu and lots of others.

She'd have to think on it. This month wasn't the month to go looking. She needed things to calm down- or fall into routine or something soon. Enough to clear her head.

Reiko ugh-ed and tilted to the right on the bed, she was done staring at the ceiling. Now she was staring at the koi cutouts on the wall opposite the window. There were four koi around a small vibrant orange table. They were playing some sort of card game. Reiko rolled her eyes as one waved at her.

Sometimes she wondered if they did this sort of thing in an attempt to improve her mood. It usually worked- but she had so much on her mind now.

She retreated back to her thoughts. Griselda.... she and Ikiko alone barely 'won' that last fight and part of it was dumb luck and coincidence. Pulling Momo into this was out of the question- Mei would NEVER forgive her if the first thing she did was give Momo the Pink Chroma Crystal.

Of course that was the problem in and of itself. She only knew of one other Prism Keeper 'for sure'- Momo. She was written as Prism Keeper Pink- she still very much loved the game. The heart was there. Reiko was pretty sure she'd just spontaneously transform if the Pink Chroma Prism got within five feet of her.

The others... everyone had left their silly little game so long ago. Roy had said the Prisms will awaken when it's time and when someone's heart yearns to reach out and protect the color and it's meaning dearest to them. Reiko had to believe that would eventually happen, unlike Mei, who wished it would never happen.

Reiko sort of curled up in bed, on top of the covers as she closed her eyes...

How was she going to deal with all this? She didn't even know how to begin.

She hoped next month would be easier.

It had to be.. right?