The Quiet Place (Kyouko Sakura)

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The Quiet Place (Kyouko Sakura)
Date of Cutscene: 27 July 2015
Location: WPS Holding Cell
Synopsis: Kyouko has nothing but time on her hands.
Cast of Characters: Kyouko Sakura

Kyouko Sakura sits alone in a white-tiled room. It looks like a doctor's exam room at a hospital, except all forms of cabinetry have been removed, leaving only a padded exam table in the middle of sterile white. The door has extra heavy locks. There are two guards standing outside of it at all times.

The redheaded Puella is not strapped to the table, although her hands are bound behind her back with a pair of technological-looking handcuffs that not only hold them together, but cover both hands in a sort of metal 'mitten', so that she can't pick up or manipulate anything.

She sits on the edge of the padded table and stares at the wall. There's nothing else to do. She's been here for over a week.

To say it had been an.. enlightening experience would be an understatement. She had learned things. About herself. About Puella Magi in general. Things she's pretty sure only a few other people know. She had also had things done to her- things she didn't understand, and couldn't possibly comprehend the consequences of. This should have distressed her, but instead it only made her anger burn hotter.

Her anger was a slow, cold burn in the pit of her stomach. Raging, no matter how tempting, would do her no good. So she stored it up, bundled it deep down inside, stoking it slowly as hour followed hour with nothing to do but stare at the wall and think. When the time came she would unleash it. Until then, she tends it carefully. Waiting.

Other Puella might have given in to despair by now. The consequences of that would be even more enlightening for her captors, but in this they will be denied. Kyouko has had more terrible things happen to her than most, and she's still around. There's a simple reason for that. Kyouko doesn't get depressed. She gets angry.

And right now, she's very angry. Most wouldn't be able to tell. looking at her grim, almost stony expression as she stares at that blank wall. But those who know her would look at that face and take a few steps in the other direction.

There's a reckoning coming. And when it comes, it will come in fire.